Into The Woods

I know very little about the great outdoors.  Okay.  That is a little vague.  I have plenty of theoretical knowledge, just minimal practical.  Also, to be clear, I am experienced when it comes the beach and the great urban jungles, but not so much when we speak of the woods.

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t find them inspirational.  Thinking of the winter woods has me aching for plaid, shearling and fairisle.  I blame the sweater leggings that I featured earlier this month…back to the fashions at hand!

Check out the outdoors inspired fashions that leave me craving hot chocolate and a fireplace:

Where To Shop:
T By Alexander Wang “French Rib Sweatpants” ($160),
Hive & Honey “Wool Plaid Jacket”($89),
ONE by Philip Simon “Kevoik High Heel Booties” ($198),
DKNY Jeans Sweater “Fair Isle Knit Draped Cardigan” ($89),
Rag & Bone “Utility Bag” ($325),
Splendid “Fairisle Sweater” ($188),
Alice Hannah “Fairisle Armwarmers” ($34.76),


What do you think of the great outdoors inspired fashion?  Do they leave you dreaming of a log cabin getaway?


  1. love it!!! Those A.Wang sweatpants are definitely a cold weather must for me :-)

  2. Love that Fair Isle sweater! I would so wear that, but the rest of it I fear is too much fabric for where I live…but hotchoc by a fire, now that sounds good!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. We are so on the same page with this stuff.

  4. I’m right there with you. I’m not exactly outdoorsy…but I WILL take that last sweater!

  5. I love the utility bag! not a big fan of the plaid jacket… looks like what my uncles wear when they go hunting (and since i’m vegan, i’m not a big fan of hunting either lol)

  6. Um, yes please to all of the above, particularly the plaid jacket and boots! As much as I hate cold weather I love fall fashion! :)

  7. Love that cozy-warm plaid jacket!

  8. I am dying over this entire look! Especially the boots & pants!

  9. Being outdoor kind of girl I love this complete collection….SO glad arm warmers are in again,lol

  10. I love “fall themed” clothes. But those boots! I want…no *need* them bad!

  11. These have me craving a burly outdoorsman.

  12. I love the boots!

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