So the temps in Los Angeles still haven’t dropped to appropriate autumn weather.  But that’s okay.  I am not letting it get my wardrobe down.  I am embracing fall fashion in spite of it…

One of my favorite autumn wardrobe staples is chunky knits.  You know—something that could have belonged to your grandfather or perhaps some salty old fisherman (okay, maybe not the latter—that fish smell would never come out!).

And if your weather is anything like mine, I suggest paring your chunky knits over a dress and keeping the legs bare.  An appropriate nod to autumn, but not so bundled up that you die of heat exhaustion (a serious concern in SoCal).

Like the look?  Well, here are some of my chunky knits picks:


Where To Shop:

  • Gap “Heathered Spacedye Sweater” ($69.95),
  • Pendleton, The Portland Collection “Grandpa Cardigan” ($297),
  • Free People “Beached Shell Cardigan” ($118),
  • Splendid “Rugby-Striped Cardigan” ($218),
  • Juicy Couture “Open Cardigan Coat” ($298),
Do you love chunky knits as much as I do?


  1. First, you look gorgeous in that photo! Love the outfit. All of those knits are definitely something I would wear!

  2. Yes! I just bought a chunky cashmere long cardigan last week–I just couldn’t bear the deprivation of a good fall sweater, although I’ve only worn it once since. But the weather has cooled here this morning and I am evaluating the possibility of getting to wear it again! You look adorable Alexis!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. Happymother says:

    This is also one of my favorite looks in autumn!!! You look very nice !

  4. I love knits. I’m always so drawn to “fall clothes”!

  5. I love chunky knits, well knits in general, lol. Beautiful photo of you, Alexis… Hello autumn! :-)

  6. I do like this look, the chunky knit is perfect paired with the slimmer dress & the heels add sophistication!

  7. Yay for sweater season! I definitely have to add a couple of chunky sweater options to my wardrobe.

  8. One of my favorite sweaters is a big chunky knit passed down from my grandma. It is an unfortunate shade of green, though… so I usually only wear it on my stay-home-sick days. But still, it is awesome. And in any other color, would be totally fashionable. :)

  9. Happy Aunt says:

    Love the new look of your site…..and you look gorgeous my dear!

  10. Unfortunately chunky knits make me look, well, chunky. I loooovveee the look though, just not on me. On you it’s super cute.
    And it was foggy this morning! Not good for the laundry drying outside but I was VERY excited by the possibility of some cooler weather.
    The part about the bare legs is so true. I don’t wear tights until at least December.

  11. I love, love chunky knot. We are having beautiful over here as well. The nights are cold and frosty, but during the day it’s still T-shirt weather….I love it.

  12. you are gorgeous! this outfit makes me kind of excited for fall :-)

  13. PS – LOVE the new look!!!

  14. Yes! I love this look. Its so lazy but put together. I think these are my most comfortable/favorite outfits. BTW–Sorry I’ve been AWOL–LOVE the new look. Its great!

  15. I went shopping the other day, when it was still hot and saw so many knits in stores that I craved for colder days…
    I love the knits you showcased and your styling is very nice!

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