Luxe Lucky Charms

I am not very superstitious.  That isn’t to say I don’t make wishes on eyelashes. I do.  Most of the time it’s because I do not know what to do with them (it just feels like littering to toss them on the ground).

But, if you do believe any bit of luck helps, then please, please, please do not walk around with a rabbit’s foot (real or faux) hanging from your purse.  There are so many better options—0ptions that take you into a much chicer adulthood.

And to help you make the transitions, I have assembled some luxe lucky charms.  In fact, I am eyeing a couple of these pieces for myself!

Where To Shop:

– Zoe Chicco “Gold Clover Necklace” ($528),
– Ruby Kats “Freyja Cocktail Ring” ($160),
– House of Harlow 1960 “Horseshoe Bangle” ($48),
– Ax + Apple “Brittania- British Half Penny Necklace” ($101),
– Jennifer Zeuner “Individual Number Earring” ($49),
– House of Harlow 1960 “Star Earrings” ($45),
– Elizabeth and James “Curled Wishbone Ring” ($95),
– Evocateur “Casino Royale Cuff” ($298),


So, are you feeling lucky?????


  1. The gold clover necklace is calling my name :)

  2. I think I could definitely use some more lucky charms in my life… that curled whishbone ring is so precious!

  3. ah! these are all so cool!!! and i think i could use a bit of luck in my life right now!!!
    xx ~ ks

  4. LOVE the ladybug ring–I think they always bring luck! Love this post!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. I am in love (LOVE I say) with the Ax + Apple Brittania- British Half Penny Necklace! I just adore it 😀

  6. Awww, these are precious!! I’m not superstitious, either, but I have favorite pieces that I wear every single day just because they make me happy.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Good luck is always welcome! The wishbone ring is calling to me…

  8. I agree with Stephanie > I am loving that British Half Penny necklace with the multiple chains. I am also really into the clover. I have to say I’m not really superstitious either but these are all cute finds.

  9. I’ve totally been checking out the number earring!

  10. I always say if something is meant to be – it will! I would however, love all kinds of charms for my gold charm bracelet that my hubby has no idea he is going to be buying me in a couple of weeks time lol :)

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