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I have been spread a little thin the last few weeks… I am working a lot and planning even more.  No.  I am not complaining.  Just stating the facts!

Anyways, the more and more things pick up for me the more I am realizing I need to create a true workspace for myself.  I work from home and currently split my time between the sofa and dining room table.  And somehow this just doesn’t feel productive.

Adding to my realization is the fact that my living/dining room will be basically complete (whatever that means) in the next week when the central art piece gets picked up from the frame store. (I may share some photos!)

At that point I feel like I will be doing my living/dining room a serious injustice by stacking papers, magazines and notebooks all over the place.  Perhaps I will make the time to tackle what is supposed to be the office/guest room (right now it is mostly a guest room)… but then again, I really don’t have the time for another project…

Either way, I thought I would share some examples of inspiring office decor!

I love that the inspiration wall is the dominant design element in this office space.  It is a great melding of form and function.

This office feel completely personal.  Office decor that is void of personality tends to feel stilted and lackluster.

Desks with a view are always so much more inviting that staring at a blank wall.  Bonus points for desks and chairs with as much character as these pieces!


What do you think of these spaces?  What is most important to you in office decor?




  1. love that lucite and upholstered chair! I am a huge fan of combining modern and classic, and these rooms are spot on!

  2. Lately I’ve been feeling the need to spruce up my home office too. My desk has beautiful view out over the lake, but it’s located in our always disastrous extra bedroom. Something must be done . . . thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

  3. Ugh, the office dilemma! Try as I might, I make my office into a crazy mess and end up using the dining room table, the coffee table, etc. I’ve finally given up and just try and go with whatever works for the day and my mood. Can’t wait to see your new art piece!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Great spaces. We have those lucite chairs in green but I swap them out for the worky Aeron.

  5. I will definitely have a dedicated home office space that’s all mine in our next house!

  6. My office sucks. No joke. My office is also my bedroom, the dining room table, the couch … I work where I can. I take my work with me on my phone, so my office is also my car, the stairwell, etc. I guess that’s why it is such a mess …
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I love “the wall” in the first photo – projects & ideas all displayed to inspire. Love the beams, bookshelves, and space in the second, love the view in the third.
    In short – I want a combo of everything. Which is usually the way I am!

  8. Oh my goodness, I’m pretty desperate for a real office right now! I even started a board on Pinterest for dream-office inspiration, but who knows when/if that will ever come to fruition (I’m starting with the basics and working on getting a decent planner, ha).

  9. The winner in my book is #2… reminds me of my office. I like my office to feel business like yet still warm and comfortable for my kids to hang around there with me…..and a nice view is always a welcome bonus.

  10. Now I am a strange one…. I want my office to be spotless – with only the things I need to get the job done around me! And music playing in the back ground softly – then I work like a charm.

  11. I like all those work spaces because they actually look used! Sometimes magazines show these pristine work environments and I think, are they real? Anyway, I have my work space in the garage and THANK GOODNESS I have that space. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I was shuffling stuff around the living room all day. I say take over the guest room and let the project come as it comes. You can always decorate later, but being able to shut the door to “work” is priceless!

  12. I like the last one the most. My work space must be bright, airy, white walls and bright colour sofa and a wall with fashion editorials images framed. (I’m working on the wall) :)

  13. I’ve got some catching up to do here! I’ve been super busy too, with this new job and all. Anyway, I love the first space. The pictures on the wall are so inspiring!

  14. These are great inspirations!!!Love the new banner
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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