Perfectly Patterned Pants

I am a simple girl.  Or at least this can be said about my trousers.

If I wear pants (don’t be dirty,  I always wear bottoms!  I just tend towards skirts,  dresses,  jeans and leggings), I like them to have a solid color.  And if I do want to create a visual interest it is usually with texture.

But none of this is important right now, because it is the season of the patterned pants.  And there are plenty of crazy, whimsical and daring options.  There are seriously million and millions of patterned pants options.

So, I have scoured the internet for some patterned pants that even I would consider wearing.  After all, who has the time to visit online shopping site after online shopping site? Oh, that’s right.  I do.

Okay, so some of these are denim and some are leggings.  But they all are pattern-rific!

Where To Shop:

  • Free People “Poconos Sweater Leggings” ($68),
  • Diane von Furstenberg “long Georginne Zip Pants” ($345),
  • ASOS “Knitted Leggings In Space Dye ” ($54.90),
  • See by Chloe “Small Flowers Crepe Pants” ($595),
  • Gap “1969 mid-weight leopard print legging jeans” ($69,95),
What do you think of patterned pants?  Is it a look you embrace?


  1. Love the free people pair – they would look great with a long top :)

  2. ooo love love love!! Did you see the Barneys Co-Op Catalogue? There are some kick-butt leopard jeans in there. I am always scared by patterns on my athletic thighs, but you’ve inspired me to maybe take the plunge.,default,pg.html

  3. These are cute Alexis! Especially that FreePeople pair, but I have my eye on a plaid cropped pant–Tori Burch and J Crew’s version a close second. The only thing is that in addition to being tall, you have to be really skinny, so I keep telling myself in 5 more pounds I’ll get a pair–haha. I think you’d have to forgo eating to make plaid pants really look great, so alas they are not that practical. Sigh.

    xo Mary Jo

  4. My fave is the free people pair, too! I don’t wear patterned pants. I usually go with a solid. But THIS. . .is what I love about children’s clothing. It’s fun. Usually when I see adults wearing fun items like this, I want to start cracking up laughing, because it’s being done ALL WRONG. But these styles look great, I think my wardrobe could be a bit more fun. Maybe I could be a little more daring. . . . .

  5. Really excited about this trend…fresh & different. :-)

  6. I love freepeople and wear such at the moment!

  7. I am a very simple girl when it comes to pants as well. As someone already mentioned…..I used to love my kids in patterns…..I lived through them,lol

  8. I have a pair of glen plaid pants that I love but generally I prefer solids!

  9. That Gap pair is calling my name!

  10. I love these!!

  11. The Velvet Hammer says:

    I want to see you in some patterned pants that you chose for yourself. Post!

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