Same Old LA

I have lived in Los Angeles for the past several years.  When I first moved here I marveled at everything around me.  Not because I was raised in some small town,  I wasn’t (not that there is anything wrong with that!).  But,  because being here was something new.  After all,  everything new seems to have this shiny tinge that makes it both inspiring and exciting.

Over the years I quit looking around me.  I complain about the traffic,  the roads,  the pollution… I could go on.  And while all these things were true and are true,  there is more to Los Angeles.


So,  when I walked out onto the deck at LACMA the other day,  I took this quick photo of the view.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.  I have seen the Los Angeles skyline countless time.  The Hollywood sign?  That’s for tourists.  But I took it anyways.

It wasn’t until I got home and loaded it onto my computer that I had to smile.  I realized,  just because something is the status quo doesn’t make it any less special.

I realized there is a lot about LA that inspires me—
The Beaches…
The Old-Hollywood History…
The 1920s Architecture…
(I could probably go on…)

Guess I just need to do a better job of paying attention!



  1. ahhh I miss this view :-) the magic of LA never ceased to amaze me when I lived there… and I miss it so much. enjoy it for me!!!

  2. I am visiting Los Angeles on the 24th for 2 weeks from the UK. I can’t wait to see everything in that picture!


  3. Los Angeles is so rich in history, culture, and art that it’s impossible to see and do everything. But, it’s well worth the effort. Have you been to the Griffith Observatory yet? The view is phenomenal.

    When hubs and I were there in August it was incredible seeing all the sights, the opportunities for street photography, landscape shots, learning more history, visiting the Third and Fairfax market. Just awesome and so much fun to check out.

  4. it’s so easy to complain and take things for granted! no matter how great you have it in life!! but cheers to reminding yourself of the great things that a place has to offer right?
    xo ~ ks

  5. Its true to live somewhere for a long while and forget about its wonders.

    When I lived in Moorpark, I didn’t realize how much I missed the valley/hollywood/LA till I came back (sure traffic and smog and terrible drivers) but there is also so much going on closer to LA which is why everyone wants to be here food, fashion art all of it. As I travel more and have more friends from out of the state I realize how lucky we really are, new ideas are a fresh breath. We need some time to rediscover LA together :)

  6. Happymother says:

    Beautiful view! We definitely will come to visit L.A. soon, my kids can’t wait too!!!

  7. I need to remind myself to appreciate Tampa every now and again! Gorgeous photo!

  8. I am from Los Angeles and moved to Palm Springs 23 years ago. Even though I am glad to be gone. It gives me a sad feeling when I hear or see it. I have almost lived away from there as I had lived there growing up. It will always be home to me and I have great memories.

  9. I miss LA soooo much. I lived off Sunset for over 6 years and moved there from NY. The first year it was rough, I could not figure out why people were so laid back. I remember driving by the Coffee Bean on Sunset and wondering if people had jobs cause they hung out there all day. Needless to say I became an LA girl eventually, there is so much about it I miss.

  10. I love visiting LA and Southern California. I’ve visited so many times and there is still so much I haven’t seen or experienced….

  11. It’s a pretty amazing place, especially on days when there’s a storm coming in and the colors all come out and the skies are filled with crazy clouds. I find it very beautiful!


  12. I have never been to LA California and can’t wait to go one day. The photo is amazing!

  13. Ah yes! We often gloss over the place where we live…that’s why I plan to use the winter months to travel around Delhi as though I were a tourist…gives u a different perspective,IMO

  14. I would KILL to live in L.A. Ok well maybe not kill, nut, you get my drift I’m sure. I always picture it being all glamour and lights. I think Ireland is dull and boring.. I bet you think of it differently. Isnt it funny how you stop appreciating your own surroundings. Maybe I should go outside and take some pictures.. (in the rain) :)

  15. It’s always surprisingly fun and eye opening to look at the place you live as a tourist.:-)

  16. I love this place and I’m still in awe of the fact that I actually live here :)

  17. I’ve always wanted to visit LA. There’s such a glamorous yet laid back lifestlye that is shown through media that makes me curious enough to see if it’s really like that in real life. I’m glad you’re “stoping to smell the roses.”


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