Scary Jewels

Halloween is for dressing up.  Often there are scary elements to these looks.

But what about the rest of the year?!  What if I want to strike fear into the hearts of my neighbors in January or May?

Fortunately, I have found a solution: Halloween Inspired Jewelry.  As in jewelry made to look like terribly frightening things. Are you scared yet?

Well be warned…  even if you “ain’t afraid of no ghost,” the following jewels may elicit some shrieks from you!

The Bones (because it isn’t Halloween with out a Skeleton):

Where To Shop:
Low Luv x Erin Wasson “Triple Bone Cuff” ($185),
Alexander McQueen “Skull Bee Ring” ($330),
Low Luv x Erin Wasson “Bone Stud Earrings” ($25),


The Spiders (Lukus’ greatest fear):

Where To Shop:
Betsey Johnson “Dark Forest Spider Hinger Cuff” ($45),
MCL by Matthew Campbell Laurenza “Spider Ring” ($510),
Tarina Tarantino “White Widow Spider Post Earrings” ($88),


The Snakes (My greatest fear…seriously, cultivating these pieces has left me completely broken):

Where To Shop:
Haute Hippie “Small Snake Cuff” ($325),
Zoe And Morgan “Cobra Necklace” ($180),
Kenneth Jay Lane “Crystal Snake Ring” ($88),


Are you as frightened as I am?  Would you wear Halloween inspired Jewelry the rest of the year?  Any favorites?



  1. hooray for McQueen Skull rings! Did I tell you mine was stolen when I was in San Fran? Saddest story of my life… I may need to replace it with this one! <3

  2. That spider ring is so fun! That’s a great piece of costume jewelry. And I have to admit, despite really disliking snakes, I kind of like the snake ring as well.

  3. I like this post Alexis, although I’m not a ‘creepy jewelry’ wearer, if the Alexander McQueen ring came without the rhinestone {I’m sure there’s a version somewhere} I would think about it…as it is, I did some scary accessory damage this week :)

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Oooh fabulous – I love skulls and spiders. Got a great spider broach last year but lost it after dancing too vigorously.

  5. Those are pretty amazing. I am not too much of a jewelry wearer. Although I would like to be.

  6. That McQueen ring is beyond awesome!

  7. Honestly, I am not much into Halloween or creepy crawlers, but some of them are gorgeous pieces.

  8. I’m loving that spider cuff!

  9. Oh… no no no no – not for me ;(

  10. I have been in love with the McQueen skull rings for quite some time. I still don’t own one yet :-(. I like that bone bracelet too. I dressed up as a skeleton this year, so those are right up my alley. 😉

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