Seashells and Chanel

So,  I am going to have to cover one more show from Paris Fashion Week. After all,  only Karl Lagerfeld can make me feel like the little mermaid.

I will let that resonate with you for a minute.

Okay. You with me? If not,  allow me to back up a bit.

Yesterday Chanel showed its S/S 2012 Runway Collection. And in true Karl Lagerfeld fashion,  the show was quite the event. (Have I mentioned I love him? I have? Well,  in case there was any confusion,  I love him. Lots.)

Set in an environment meant to evoke images of the sea,  models came down the runway in underwater inspired attire. There were strings of pearls,  iridescent pieces reminiscent of shimmers,  coral like textures and maybe even some netting (you know,  for catching fish). Don’t get me wrong—there are still those classic Chanel elements (the tweeds,  the lady-like dresses,  the pearls),  but they are completely reinterpreted in a new and fresh way.

Personally,  I love all of it—even the slightly eccentric pieces.  And if I can’t have a tail and a seashell bra,  well then at least I can dream about this collection… But enough about my overactive fantasy life,  what do you think about the collection?


(all images by Yannis Vlamos/ via


  1. Beautiful! I’ve never met a Chanel I didn’t like, so it’s all perfection as far as I’m concerned! :)

    xo Mary Jo

  2. oh, it’s truly pretty. definitely loving the white pieces in the beginning.

  3. The show was incredible! I was watching the video on their website this morning and was blown away.

  4. I can’t even choose a favorite, that’s how much I love it. Does Lagerfeld do Halloween Costumes?

  5. I love his entire collection – always loved his designs!

  6. It’s quite difficult not to love him! That third dress is amazing, I love the shape of it in the shoulders.

  7. I think it’s fun! We all wanted to be mermaids at some point when we were little didn’t we? : )

  8. Love it! Like Mary Jo I haven’t met a Chanel I didn’t like, but I just love this one.


  9. Oh wow! So classy, love that look! All are perfect.

  10. This is a great collection to post about Alexis, nice choice. I mean some of the fabrics used in this collection are just beyond words. I was on looking at the details yesterday and I am OBSESSED with their new bags…

  11. So beautiful! I totally love the last three.

  12. I love this collection! I agree, some of the pieces are slightly eccentric but the lines are clean and the colors are really toned down and I just LOVE it!

  13. I think it’s fabulous. And I love the pastels, no one has done that for a while


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