Totally Taylor Tomasi Hill

We all have style icons.  In my case I have many.  And one of my favs is Marie Claire’s Style/Accessories Director Taylor Tomasi Hill.

Admittedly I am not alone here.  Everyone loves Taylor.  She is a true streetstyle darling, who has developed a keen personal style.  She mixes high-end with low-end, she takes risks and she has gorgeous hair.  I admire the way she takes pieces that you’ve seen on the runway, in editorials or even on her and completely re-imagines them.  Her looks are intelligent, surprising and chic.  Taylor is anything but contrived.  There is no production in her oufits—no fuss.  It is almost as though she grabbed the first things from her closet and they just magically worked together!  No doubt it is this ability that has secured her a place among fashion’s editorial elite.  And of course, what makes Taylor Tomasi Hill a style icon.

These days it isn’t just the photobloggers who are snapping her picture. The Block has shot a beautiful editorial of Taylor, paired with a great interview.

I though, in honor of her first front-of-the-camera editorial shoot, it would be fun to take a look at some of Taylor’s streetstyle looks:

What do you think of Ms. Taylor Tomasi Hill?  Would you call her a style icon?  What is your favorite look?

Photo Credits:
1) I am unsure— please let me know if you know!
2) Tetsuhara Kubota
3) Greg Kessler
4) Candace Lake
5) I am unsure— please let me know if you know!
6) Phil Oh (


  1. She is most def. a style icon! at least in my eyes 😀 I love her style!! My favorite look’s (I have two) are the ones in the first and last photo!

  2. I do like that she’s joining the trend of under-styled vs. over-styled. Such a refreshing break from all the over produced street looks!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. I love her effortlessly chic style.. and she’s a ginger!

  4. I would kill to have tresses like her (and a wardrobe like hers to boot!). KILL.

  5. I LOVE seeing her on streetstyle blogs. She always looks perfect, and her hair is a great red, too!

  6. Yes, I like her, I like all the looks besides the last one.

  7. She’s not lacking any style that’s for sure and most of her outfits are down to earth and pleasing even for more conservative types.

  8. I like the outfit with the asymmetrical blue sweater and pants.

  9. i love taylor so much, she such a diva with attitudes, adore her style a lot


  10. yes, she is truly unique in her style ~ love it!!!
    xx ~ kristina

  11. Her look is wonderful – I’m sure if she had a blog I’d be following her! I think my favorite is the tulip skirt paired with the big sweater and the scarf. The colors are so great.

  12. she has GORGEOUS hair!!! and fab style too!

  13. I like every look here. And love the color of her hair!

  14. I love her skirt in the last look. She definitely has some style! And you’re right about the hair. I love redheads.

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