Wine Of The Week (50)

This is a big day for NoH’s Wine Of The Week.  We are celebrating our 50th post!  Have you been following along?  You really should,  the wines suggested by sommelier David Foss are thoughtfully chosen and frankly kind of amazing! As a ‘thank you’ for all his hard work,  I considered sharing David’s cell phone number here so that you could text him “Happy 50th!”  But then I realized,  he may not see getting a gazillion texts (because that is how many readers I have!) as a ‘thank you.’

So instead,  I will focus on our latest wine.  Today’s bottle is perfect for October.  The flavors of this red are “spicy, crazy and rich” (kind of reminds me of some people I know…),  making it totally fall.  It is the Le Cousin Rouge Grolleau and in addition to having quite the personality,  it is also a certified organic wine.  The price is $20 a bottle and is the perfect way to kick off some autumn festivities.

P.S. How funny is this label???


  1. Happy 50th! And I do love that label – I’d frame and hang it.
    {Also – I’m so jealous about your having a gazillion readers! How’d you do that??? ;-D

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