Wine Of The Week (52)

Yes,  it is true.  The weather in Los Angeles this past week was hot.  But a friend in Germany reported that it was below freezing for them.  I believe October should fall somewhere in between. But hey,  that is what you get with Global Warming.  All out weather chaos.  So instead of allowing the thermometer to dictate what wine I drink,  I am going to defer to the calendar.  Are you with me???

Sommelier David agreed completely,  and has come up with a classic madeira that is utterly autumn.  The Rare Wine Company Historic Series Savannah Verdelho Madeira fits that description perfectly,  but at $50 costs more than our typical Wine Of The Week.  But don’t let that fool you,  for the quality of wine this is still an exceptional price.  Plus this one holds longer after opening it,  so you don’t feel the pressure to drink it all in one sitting.



  1. This looks like a really yummy wine! I never feel pressure to drink a whole bottle in one sitting. It just happens!

  2. Oh how I wish I could drink this! But unfortunately I am allergic to red wine! Out of all the things in the world to be allergic to, it had to be red wine. Talk about bad luck -.-

  3. I’ve been a bit cold all week, but I kind of like it. Per usual love your wine choice, and added to our list. Happy Sunday!

  4. That’s what kills me about good wine…I don’t like to leave any in the bottle for the next day. It’s nice to know that it keeps well!

  5. Nice to know it will wait for you a bit after opening! (Beautiful label too. *Why* does that always make a difference to me???)

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