Wine Of The Week (53)

I needed this weekend.  I had an insane week and I desperately needed this weekend.  Of course, the moment you need a weekend **poof** it’s gone.  And inevitably that is what happened my weekend.  But I won’t waste your time with my sob story.  Because, frankly that isn’t the type of whine you are looking for…instead, let’s discuss David’s latest selection for Wine of the Week.

It is the Cantine Sant’Agata Na Vota Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato, 2007, Piedmont, Italy.  But you can call it Na Vota for short.  This is complex red wine, and I mean that in a good way!  David describes the flavor as “Cranberry, a little rose petal on the nose and some earthy notes.”  The wine pairs well with spicy foods and can even stand up to game, making it a great option as the weather cools and our diets become richer.  You can pick up a bottle for around $22.


  1. I hear you on totally needing the weekend. The past two weeks have been crazy!!! It’s nice just to have some down time.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Sounds like a good wine to have with a lovely vindaloo curry

  3. My feelings exactly…..about the weekend being gone. I had so many plans mostly involving my relaxation, but I ended up having my BFF’s 3 year old toddler spending the weekend….good bye my sanity,lol. I do need a glass or two of good wine after this weekend.

  4. My weekends go “poof”, my weekdays go “poof” – I don’t understand it either!
    This wine sounds lovely though. Obviously I need a glass or three 😀

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