Wine of The Week (54)

We are at the halfway point of Halloween weekend.  Are you exhausted?  I am—and I haven’t even done anything fun!

Consequently, I think I deserve a treat.  And that treat needs to come in a bottle of wine.  Specifically, Foucher-Lebrun Sancerre “Le Mont” 2010.  Generally speaking, I am a fan of Sancerre, and even more so when said-Sancerre is a Sauvignon Blanc. So, when David suggested this wine I knew I would be happy.  His description of a “Grassy, Citrus wine that’s both sexy and clean” makes my taste buds sing.  Yes, I said sing.  And if the description doesn’t do that for you, maybe the price at $18 a bottle will!


  1. I love the description : sexy and clean Mmmnnnnn :) xx

  2. I will be so glad when Halloween is over….done with making costumes…done making treats….done baking for school parties….then I can sit back and relax with glass of this nice wine.

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