A Well-Appointed Weekender

Lukus and I are leaving for Honduras tomorrow for a week trip.  We will have the pleasure of visiting with friends who run an NGO that works with impoverished communities encouraging and empowering them to change their perspective.  We are excited to go, as we haven’t been there since 2008.

All that to say; I need to pack a bag.  And not just any bag, a portable one.  The town where our friends have a home is off the beat and track, so lugging around a giant suitcase just won’t work.  Instead I will be relying on a weekender.

I have always been a big fan of a weekender bag (see my post on weekenders for the guys).  To begin with, they can travel as a carryon on the plane.  Second, they aren’t clunky and can be folded up.  Also, these bags have personality.  They aren’t your standard issue black suitcases (which have their place), but bags that actually have the ability to say something about their owner.  Oh and of course a weekender is the perfect size for a weekend getaway (who’d have thought?!)!

If you don’t have a weekender I strongly suggest that you purchase one.  Here are a few examples that may work for you:

Where To Shop:
LeSportsac, large weekender “Pearl Lightning” ($120), zappos.com
Pendleton “Astoria” luggage bag ($348), freepeople.com
Diane von Furstenberg “Vintage Print Nylon Tote” ($98), shopbop.com
Puma “Urban Mobility Weekender Bag” ($150), puma.com
Billykirk carryall “Striped Wool/Black Leather” ($319), revolveclothing.com


Are you a fan of the weekender bag?




  1. Honduras… that sounds sooo relaxing! have a blast for me :-)… sounds like such an amazing cause. I love the weekender bag – it’s my preferred carry-on, now if only someone could train me to be an efficient packer so I could use it as my luggage!

  2. I carry a weekender bag almost every weekend. Great post. I love those mentioned.

  3. I loved Honduras when I was there 15 years ago – beautiful country and great time of year to go too, not too buggy. Whatever I try and do with luggage I am always carrying five old plastic bags of bits and bobs and I just look a mess

  4. i got a Missoni bag that turned out to be pretty big, so I’m using that as my Weekender. love the ones in the post.

  5. This sounds like such an amazing trip Alexis! Can’t wait to hear about it. I love weekenders so much I have 2 sizes in navy doctor bag style I snagged from the Hobo rep at a show a few years back–they have lasted amazingly well although I probably need to get some new ones. Have a great time!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Weekenders are great for travelling. I use them as well … nice choices. I love that Puma and Free people style! :)

  7. I want a weekender bag! Not that I need one but they all are soooo cute!

  8. that sounds like such a great trip… have fun!!!

  9. Have a great trip! I’v always wanted a weekender bag but never got one. I think the one from Free People should be on my Christmas list!

  10. The right luggage can make or break a trip… and smart packing is always a great tip! Hope you (your honey, and your bag) have a wonderful trip!

  11. What an amazing adventure you’re embarking on! Sounds fab. I’d really like to take a working vacation to build a school or dig a well…looking into it. Meanwhile, thanks for the reminder that I need a weekender bag! Really like the one from Pendleton.

  12. Have a lovely time.. I personally LOVE the striped Bag xx

  13. Now we’re talking…..bags….weekender bags…purses…..this is my forte and a hobby that takes a huge part of my closet,lol…..and, yes, I am a fan.

  14. I love my weekender bag! It has a little pull out handle and wheels, yet is also compact and “squishable”. And of course, it’s hot pink 😀

  15. these are really cute- but you must be really good at packing if you can fit a week’s worth of clothes in one weekender! I typically can just barely use them for weekends. I have a super cute Betsey Johnson one but it ripped..I’m liking the Billykirk carryall

  16. Those are all Tres Chic Madame! I love them, and I really wish I had a weekender, but as I don’t go away on weekends all that often I usually use the same old boring duffel bag I’ve had for 20 years. Sigh. But one day I will get something fab, or at least something at Target, which is more likely.

    Have a great time!

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