Cotton Candy in Honduras

The Honduran school year runs from February until mid-November.  Our friends’ NGO (World Resource Group) runs after school programs that serve some of the most impoverished communities in the area.  The after school centers offer tutoring, a meal and often the only safe place for the children to spend their afternoon.

When we got to Honduras, the centers were winding down for the end of the school year.  With the school break and the holidays the center also closes down for a couple months.  As part of this process there was an end of the year celebration.  A party was thrown complete with entertainment (the older kids choreographed dances and prepared skits) and a meal (not just any meal- for many of the kids this was the biggest meal of the year).  At the end there was an especially exciting treat: cotton candy.

I loved watching the kids’ reactions to the cotton candy.  In a place where even the minimum is a luxury this was truly a treat.

Here are a few photos commemorating the experience:

As a child, what was your favorite treat?


  1. It was fluffy pink cotton candy for sure, followed by carmel apples. No worries about being a sloppy mess when you’re a kid! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Alexis!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Looks like a great time and the kids really enjoyed it! I’m there with cotton candy as one of my childhood faves. Still like it on occasion ; )

  3. i love in the second-to-last picture how the kids are eating apples and looking as though they’re just enduring it for the sake of the cotton candy in their hands. i can’t recall what my favorite treat as a kid was, but it was probably something like skittles or m&ms.

  4. Oh what fantastic pictures of everything. It really makes me want to do there again. The children are so beautiful. Are you going to Tikal. Also loved the beaches, i didn’t get bitten as much as everyone else. I loved choccy fish in new Zealand, with marshmellow

  5. I love cotton candy but as a child, I use to go crazy for caramel apples!!

  6. The pic w/ Lukus is so typical haha
    I just had cotton candy a few weeks back during one of the football games. It was crazy good!

  7. These pictures are so beautiful! I love the one with the kis eating apples! This must be a great experience!

  8. I used to love watching cotton candy being made, though I could not eat it as a child. I love these delightful photos!

  9. Awww, what a wonderful pictures, Alexis… melts my heart to see all those smiles….such a simple thing as cotton candy.Our children are truly blessed and we need to make them see that. I used to love Cotton Candy as a child.

  10. Ooh… I remember Cotton Candy as a child… the way the fluffy pillow of spun strands would turn into grainy, sugary goodness that would dissolve on my tongue… mmmm…
    And, of course, the way my entire face would be a sticky mess afterwards!

  11. Yum!! You took so many great pictures!

  12. How fun! Did the kids actually eat their cotton candy or did they just carry around for most of the day? I don’t see anyone eating in these pictures: it must have been pretty special to them!

    Hmm, I think as a kid my favorite treat was probably ice cream: still is, come to think of it. 😀

  13. I always loved popcorn and french fries – I guess I’m a fried salt kind of girl. But cotton candy is wonderful isn’t it. It looks like the kids had a wonderful time.

  14. These kids are so adorable! My favorite treat was (and still is) home made chocolate chip cookies.

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