DeMoyo: Springing Forward

To my lovely readers— I am currently in Honduras (see more HERE ), I will still be posting, but I have invited some friends to guest post for me as well.  First up is the lovely Ladyofashion Madison of Fashion Tales.  I love that Madison has a creative eye and is always on fashion’s cutting edge.  Make sure you to make her feel welcome by leaving a comment below!

Hello everyone! It’s Madison, better known as Ladyofashion from FASHION TALES.  I am extremely excited to take part in a guest post for Alexis here at North On Harper during her holiday.  The lovely Alexis, whom I’ve developed a great appreciation for, is a lady who shares passions for some of my favourite genres: from shoes, art, and fashion to travelling and interiors.  Well, I knew it couldn’t be long before our blogging spirits gracefully crossed paths.  I appreciate her genuine perspective, as well as her infamous wine series, which I absolutely love!

But enough about that … I am here to share with you a collection from one of my dear friends, fashion designer Paidemoyo Chideya.  I am so proud of this woman and the growth of her brand, DeMOYO.  It’s incredible to see a label grow right before your eyes.  In fact, it wasn’t too long ago when I chatted with Chideya about her previous line.

Since then, Chideya has taken colour and unique style-lines to a new level with her designing, something that her current clientele appreciates but that is more specifically geared toward her future customers.  Her latest spring collection, Sōlācia, fuses several elements of soft hues and structured seaming with an intentional bolt (not splash) of colour.

It’s a blended expression of avant-garde, wearable art, and practical edge that can be translated from the effects of the sun’s light, clouds, and their counterparts.  “It’s a play on light, depth of colour, and form…” said Chideya.  So, what does the designer herself love the most about the new collection?  “It’s accessible to women, yet it’s very chic.  It has that je ne sais quoi about it!”

Chideya, has been inspiring to me not solely because of her designs but her attitude on life in general.  She’s the type of designer who truly stands by her work.  She’s passionate about the art of construction and exudes positive progression.  She can pierce you with an uplifting message in a phrase, just as quickly as a simple wave given when signing off the runway.  I hope that you will be on the lookout to see more from this emerging designer.

Photos courtesy of Paidemoyo Chideya.
For more information on DeMOYO visit:


  1. LOVE that cobalt gown!

  2. Thanks for letting me share about Pai, she’s such an amazing lady! xo

  3. Love the long blue gown–so flowy and comfortable looking as well as such a vivid color!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Wow. I love the colors Madison.

  5. Thanks for sharing these amazing clothes! I love the care that was taken in creating the perfect shape!

  6. I’m loving the v neck ivory dress! Any info on where we can purchase?

  7. Love bright colors. The bright green jacket is my fave.

  8. @Madison and @NorthonHarper, thanks so much for this wonderful post of DeMOYO.

    Hi Ali, you can make Pre-orders on the Spring 2012 collection if you contact – thanks so much~

  9. Hi Madison! Fancy seeing you here! Great post! Have fun in Honduras Alexis! How cool is that

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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