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Fair Warning:  If you have a foot phobia, by all means stop reading now.  This post is all about foot care.  If you read beyond this point please don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I love high heels.  I am in the camp the higher the better (assuming the higher ends at about 5.5 inches).  But this sort of thing can be tough on one’s feet (Don’t believe me?  Just ask Victoria Beckham!).  Throw in the cooler weather, which means dry skin and less breathable footwear and you may have a slew of problems.

In a perfect world I would get a pedicure every two weeks.  We aren’t talking about just a mediocre one, but one complete with a foot massage.

But alas, that isn’t always an option.  Instead foot care becomes an at home duty.

Here are a few steps (ha!) to help with building foot care into your daily routine:

Stretch:  After a long day of running around in heels (or any shoes for that matter) your feet can feel cramped and achy.  By stretching them out you can help to avoid arch and circulation issues.  This doesn’t have to be anything fancy—simply pointing/flexing and rolling your ankles can make a big difference.

Moisturize:  Cold weather doesn’t just leave lips and hands dry and cracked—it can have the same effect on your feet.  So be sure to moisturize!  At the end of your day rub lotion onto your feet and then sleep in socks.  In the morning you will wake up with much softer feet.

Trim:  Unkempt toenails can become serious problems.  They can play a serious role in everything from fungus to infection.  Instead, trim your nail straight across (this is better for avoiding ingrown nails, but if you prefer a rounded look just make sure you stay on top of the situation) and be sure to push the cuticle back.

Do you have any additional recommendations for maintaining healthy feet from home?


1) Christian Louboutin 8 inch heels via the Mail Online
2) Battered & Bruised Model Feet via the Mail Online/Photoshot


  1. amen! these are great tips – if only I too lived in that perfect world where I could get a pedicure every 2 weeks. :-)

  2. Such great tips, Alexis. I agree and do all that you’ve mentioned! I sure don’t want battered and bruised feet :)

  3. Ohhhh such a good topic Alexis! I pumice my feet every time I shower, it’s like brushing my teeth–icky heels wearing heels is a pet peeve, lol.

    xo Mary Jo

  4. My feet hurt just looking at these pictures. I love wearing heels, but those puppies can definitely wear my feet out. Thank you for the tips!

    I always rub lotion on my feet after showering, as well as my entire body. Exfoliating regularly also helps :)

  5. Foot care is an absolute MUST for me!!!! After all, your feet carry YOU around every day, all day – aren’t they worth looking after! Besides, look how ugly it LOOKS when you don’t look after your feet ;(

  6. When I think of high heels it reminds me of my grandmother who still to this day wears very high heels, but also taking care of your feet is extremely important. I usually make sure to soak my feet after work, which is super helpful. Great post!

  7. Whoa that is a painful looking foot! I pumice and slather with “foot lotion” every night. My feet take a lot of abuse!

  8. That last shot looks like my feet! No really, I have bony feet that tend to scar easily. I do like to pumice my feet daily in the shower. I find it helps keep the feet looking good. I also try to have a pedicure at least once a month, which means I’m due soon!

  9. Yikes! That last one is hideous!! I’m not good with foot care (don’t even ask how long the polish on my toes has been on) & I love high-heels but since having a child I tend to lean more towards flats or a heel that’s has more stability too it. Not for the ugly callouses but because I’m not trying to fall!

  10. Uuuggghhhh! I so have feet problems and I don’t even where heels, that often. I don’t have any recommendations for you, but I do moisturize at night and sleep in socks in the winter. I’m actually headed to the podiatrist soon, for a foot check up, I have flat feet so they are SUPER achey all the time. Wish me luck!

  11. Great tips, Alexis. I use pumice stone every day in the shower. It’s a good idea once a week to have a foot soak complete with foot scrub, peppermint foot cream and sleeping in mosturizing socks. Also I have Peppermint & Lavender foot spray on my nightstand and spray my feet before I turn in….it’s very refreshing and soothing.

  12. Haaa, you are so funny. I love your intros! Can we PLEASE get together soon? Or are you too busy working like a madwoman!?

  13. Yea winter really messes with great skin. I’d also say buy one of those foot scrubby thingys that remove calous and rough skin areas. I get those from wearing too many heels! :-)

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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