Honduras: A Look Back

As I mentioned yesterday, Lukus and I are heading to Honduras tonight.  It will actually be the second time that we’ve visited our friends (who run a community center and several outreach programs) there.  The first time was in May 2008 and Lukus and I had only been dating about 6 months at the time… needless to say this return trip is long over due.

Don’t worry; while I am gone I will have all sorts of fun guest posts for you.  Plus, because I can’t bear being cut off from NoH for over a week, I plan to stop in with some photos from our adventures.

But for now, I have dredged up some photos from our first visit to Honduras.  Please forgive the crazy hair and lack of make-up.  I suspect that it will be similar this time as rain is expected.  (PS—please note, it may be hard to tell in these photos, but Lukus had an actual Mohawk at the time.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on myself for my own crazy hair!)


  1. Have a lovely trip! I look forward to hearing all about it on your return!

  2. Happymother says:

    I like this pictures so much. It is a great support, what you are doing. Btw, you are so beautiful without makeup. Wish you a wonderful experience.

  3. I bet you can’t wait to see how those kids are getting on and if they remember you! have a great adventure : )

  4. Awesome pics!!!!

  5. Ahhh it looks like it’s going to be so fun and wonderful! I’m envious of your escape! Have a great time!!!!!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Honduras looks beautiful! Enjoy your trip =)

  7. What lovely photos of those beautiful children!

  8. This is such a great cause Alexis!

  9. Looks like an amazing experience…Can’t wait to read your recap from this trip!

  10. Such a great cause! I hope you two have a safe trip!

  11. Have a nice trip! These pictures with the kids are lovely!

  12. Have a great & safe trip Alexis!

  13. Oh wow, how nice of you to go and spend time at that center! Can’t wait to see your photos from this trip!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  14. At least it’s a fauxhawk and he didn’t completely shave the sides of his head! I was a little concerned after that introduction, ha. We gotta catch up when you get back!

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