Hostess Gifts For Everyone

To my lovely readers— I am currently in Honduras (see more HERE ), I will still be posting, but I have invited some friends to guest post for me as well.  Today’s post come from Mary Jo of Trust Your Style.  Mary Jo is fantastic fashion designer, who has become a friend over the past year.  She has made several appearances here on NoH and has even guest posted for me before.  This time she is focusing on the sometimes daunting hostess gifts – perfect going into the holiday season!

Giving your hostess a sweet gift doesn’t have to be a difficult or extravagant task. I think the basics are always welcome: a plant, food, wine, or a candle – as long as they’re not boring.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for hostess gifts:

1) Monogrammed anything shows that you were thinking about your hostess and not just regifting{!} I try to keep the style of my hostess in mind…a bohemian artsy girl will love these Anthropologie cups for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate because they are such a funky take on the conventional monogram.

2) Sometimes the wrapping is just as important as what’s inside. The lovely felted flower bag will make even the cheapest wine seem amazing.

3) Have a glamorous pal? An oversized shimmering mercury glass filled with an exotic scent is sure to win her heart.

4) If your friends are more salt-of-the-earth types, a specialty loaf of bread and homemade jam {does not have to be homemade in your home} wrapped in a tea towel will express your appreciation in volumes.

5) When it comes to plants, a little succulent arrangement is not difficult to make and will be universally loved.

6) Last but not least, a grouping of luscious truffles will win lots of brownie points.


What do you like to give as for hostess gifts?


  1. I saw a feature of this over at Love your picks for gifts. Those chocolates look amazing.

  2. These are great ideas! I love them. I think I’ll be giving away homemade jam this year for sure: I have way more than I need to last us through until next berry season!

  3. So cute. I’m def doing the bread and homemade jam, and I love the monogrammed cups. I’d love to receive them. HInt. HInt. anyone who is coming to my house soon:)

    Have fun in H-country!

  4. We are giving away home-made jam and preserves this year….Lovely pics by the way.

  5. Alexis, hope you are having a wonderful time in the Honduras! {Also hoping that a few guests bring some yummy bread and jam to my house–haha!}

    xo Mary Jo

  6. We usually do wine or plants but I’m loving the bread idea.

  7. I am so in love with Anthropologie, always love their catalogue. My mother requested truffles for part of her gift, but the other kind (non chocolate), since she’s a caterer, lol. Love these choices!

  8. Great ideas. Love these! My cousin was actually just sharing the red and white monogrammed mug from Antrho!

  9. Great post, this is something that is so often overlooked, but really is an important part of socializing :) Alexis, I hope you’re having a great time in Honduras. Also, the blog looks great :)


  10. I love the monogram mugs and chocolates! Great ideas :-)

  11. Lovely ideas….all of them. I usually go for the chocolates or baked goods with a bottle of good wine, sometimes candles and of course flowers. I always bring flowers.

    Hope you and Lukus are enjoying your time in Honduras….

  12. Love these ideas, especially the monogrammed cups! I hope yo and Lukus are having fun, Alexis!

  13. I feel like hostess gifts were a “lost art” for a little while, but are now coming back in style… in a wonderful way!

  14. i’ve never really been to an event that would require a hostess gift (dinner party, cocktail party, etc) but i hope to one day SOON i love the idea!

  15. Lovely choices each and every one. I especially like #’s 1 and 5 :-)

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