LA After Dark

Every so often I like to go outside with my camera and just shoot whatever catches my eye.  Last night, I was working in the office of Lukus’ club when I decided to go outside for a break.

Johnny (head of security, seen here) was working the door when I enlisted him to partake in my little exercise.  We took turns discovering and photographing life after dark.

I thought I would share some of my favorite moments with you:


These are our photos of Los Angeles: after dark and off the sets.  If you were to take photos of your city after dark, what would you share?



  1. I would love to share the Miami nightlife scene and we could compare! Since everyone is always comparing the two cities anyway. Great shots. xoxo

  2. i love candid city shots – LA is such a great town, I miss it! I would definitely share a candid day in brooklyn bridge park; there are so many stories to be told about the numerous visitors: families, couples, friends, and those seeking solitude.

  3. I LOVE LA at night. Nice pics. It’s so busy and that’s why I love being down here. Next to Manhattan there isn’t anywhere in the world that I would want to live besides here. LA is a great place to people watch too.

    I only wish LA were as fashion conscious and trendy as NY!


  4. Frogs. Lots of tiny little shiny frogs. And mosquitoes. Horrid, horrid mosquitoes. Great idea. It sounds like a fun idea to try.

  5. Super cool…Love the bus shot!

  6. Quiet streets and the odd car. Tiny village in Cambs UK. Nice pics.

  7. i love this. you managed to make dark photos look great!

  8. Love the photos. I’m really not so sure of what I might shoot after dark around here. I can promise it would look nothing like your photos, though :)

  9. I like these “life after dark” shots, I just love viewing ordinary things at night, the light, the people… and even better when captured with a lens.

  10. I used to live there and they’re are many interesting things that go on. So I bet you could get many pictures of things. Usually people pictures in their unusual style.

  11. I love these….there is sure lots of readers in LA after dark,lol. If I took pictures of my town after dark it would be …..dark….deserted…..dead like.

  12. LA is especially beautiful after it rains. Did you perhaps take these recently? The air looks so clean and everything has that fresh shiny feeling. It is a beautiful city in it’s own way, and it’s especially magical at night with all the glittering lights. Beautiful photos!

  13. Ooo, I love that last one. LA, baby!

  14. My pictures would look very similar to yours. But that’s a good idea though I want to try it’ll be fun to explore my neighborhood at night

  15. Awesome shots! I wish my camera worked better at night. There are definitely some amazing scenes to capture here in Houston. I like the one you took of traffic. You should think of getting that printed!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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