Michelle Williams: UnCovered

Making the magazine rounds right now is Michelle Williams, who is staring in the upcoming biopic My Week With Marilyn (Check out my earlier Marilyn Monroe post here).  I love Michelle’s ability to bring her characters to life by infusing them with both strengths and vulnerabilities.  This balance makes her a captivating artist.

As she has been promoting the film, I was not surprised to see Michelle Williams on the US Vogue October 2011 cover, channeling the blonde bombshell.  Michelle looks gorgeous; every bit the sex symbol.

And while that cover is striking, it is the December issue of Elle UK that has left me awed.  In the photo there is no trace of Marilyn.  The hair, the jewels, the lips and the cleavage are all gone.  In their place is a stunningly angelic Michelle Williams.  The photo is fresh and unadorned.

Clearly Michelle Williams is able to move successfully between vixen and innocent.  The extreme contrast between the images captures how important styling is and how it can be used to create completely different images.  This isn’t true only for magazine covers!  Both sexy and sweet are options.

It is an empowering realization.  As individuals, we have the ability to decide what image to project.  Whether it is an extension of who we are on the inside, or even a case of playing dress up.  We are not limited.  It is a choice to be made.


How about you—are you more Marilyn or Michelle?  Or do you prefer to move between the two?


  1. This is such a good question and I like how you illustrated it with these 2 examples. I think fashion is always at it’s best when there’s a tension between the two.

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Michelle Williams is timeless and keeps it classy in a messy industry – I love that they picked her to play Marilyn Monroe in MWwM but I have to say her Elle cover is my fav – those sad eyes are so beautiful.

  3. I think she is beautiful!

  4. I prefer Michelle as Michelle. She looks so real on the Elle cover; vulnerable and pensive. What a beautiful shot!

  5. I am a big fan of Michelle’s from way back….she’s so lovely. I like to think that I am the perfect mix between the two.

  6. I’m much more a marilyn, but I like the actress better on the Elle cover. It seems more “real” of her than the photo where she looks beautiful and glamorous, but not as if she really owns it. I’m looking forward to seeing the film to see how she does in it. I really don’t know if anyone can really channel Marilyn Monroe, though the reviews are good.

  7. How cool that you found these two covers and displayed them together! Definitely a stark contrast. Michelle looks gorge no matter what! I wonder how that movie will be?

  8. WOW! She is STUNNNNNNING on the Elle cover. I just saw on Gilt LA today they have free (I think) tickets to the movie.

  9. I think she’s beautiful on both covers – though everyone is always at their most beautiful when they’re being their true self :-)

  10. More Michelle, for sure. Love the photos. I’m looking forward to this movie.

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