Pumpkin Carving

For someone who isn’t a big Halloween aficionado I sure have written a lot of posts on the subject.  And today will be no different.  But it will be the last.  That much I promise you…

Lukus and I ended up spending Halloween at home… seriously, I left to go grocery shopping in the morning and again in the afternoon to go to the gym, but that was it.  Lukus barely made it off the couch.  What can I say?  We were just super exhausted from the weekend.  BUT, that doesn’t mean we avoided all Halloween activities— we carved a pumpkin!

And here are some photos commemorating the event along with a step-by-step guide to pumpkin carving (you know, just in case you had any questions about this simple & common practice, that’s what I am good for):


Step 1: Find the perfect pumpkin.


Step 2: Remove the guts.

Step 3: Prep the Pattern.

Step 4: Carve The pumpkin.

Step 5: Marvel at your amazing work.

Step 6: Marvel some more, but this time with the lights off.

I know.  We live wildly exciting lives.  And our pumpkin carving skills know no bounds….


What did you do for Halloween???


  1. nice! we didn’t do pumpkin stuffs this year. I didn’t feel like digging out guts and fighting with knives xD

  2. Loving the carved pumpkin! I’ve actually only done it once – I think I’m too lazy to carve a pumpkin every year…

  3. Good job! Love it! My Halloween was a quiet one and we didn’t even have a pumpkin haha

  4. I am so amazed that you did this! Seriously, I can’t carve a pumpkin to save my life and my idea to paint a pumpkin gold…well where did the time go? I have a low level cold that was worse yesterday so I stayed in but was so happy to just take it easy–yes, I’m super exciting too! I think those dogs at the ritz carlton wore me out! Anyway, hope you are enjoying the new cooler fall weather Alexis!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Happymother says:

    Great work. We had a great halloween party at the countryside with a big fire and a barbecue. It was our first halloween party and it was fun!

  6. Excellent Pumpkin !

  7. Cool! I am really useless and don’t decorate at all. Noone comes to our street. There is one street around the corner who does such amazing decorations they keep them in storage pods!

  8. You guys did an amazing job! We didn’t carve pumpkins this year….boys wanted to, but time just got away from us. We did have lots of fun last three days so I hope they didn’t miss the carving too much this year.

  9. Your pumpkin is so cute! I didn’t carve any pumpkins this year… I did however, give 2 huge bags of candy out to kids and then run out about half way through the night. Yes. Parent’s actually DRIVE their kids into my neighborhood for some reason to trick-or-treat, so we had a billion kids.

  10. Great job!

  11. Your pumpkin’s carving is immaculate — much more creative than ours. We should try a stencil next year.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. We went over to my mama’s to take the dude trick or treating. She lives a mile away. So, yeah…We didn’t venture out much either. Ha!

  13. Good job! Can you believe I’ve never carved a pumpkin? Something about my religious up bringing. BUT we son was so into Halloween this year, but after an hour & 1/2 & only a quarter full bag he was done. LOL

  14. I did nothing….all my family being sick…..
    I love that pumpkin, I would never be able to do it myself!

  15. We carve 5 pumpkins every year – so much quicker and easier now that my older kids do theirs on their own :-) (It used to be an all evening kinda thing). Excellent pumpkin!

  16. Laughing because this sounds almost exactly like my Halloween!

  17. So cute! I was exhausted after spending the day at my children’s school’s Halloween carnival (dresses as a witch to boot!) so I took a nap and told my kids they’d have to carve all by themselves. I guess I’ve been a good teacher in years past, because they both did a great job. My son carved a scary face he made up by himself, and my daughter carefully did a template of two ghosts. They didn’t even make a mess! (Definitely a good mom moment.)

    Later we went trick-or-treating with friends. A good time for sure!

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