Runway To Room: Veronica Webb

Back by popular demand (who doesn’t want to say that?), it is Runway To Room!  I know, you are squealing with delight (I haven’t stopped squealing since I began typing this).  And who can blame you/me?

I am going to choose a chic fashion statement and then I am going to pick corresponding décor.  Simple.

Shall we begin?

This look worn by model Veronica Webb to the “An evening with Ralph Lauren hosted by Oprah Winfrey” event at Lincoln Center makes quite the statement.  The gown is one of Ralph Lauren’s and really is beautiful. The dress’s statuesque lines paired with the purple/violet color are eye-catching.  And then there are the sparkles.  I love how this dress shimmers.  Now to be fair, I think the accessories are a little bit quirky (specifically the clutch), but they do add personality to the look.

Now, why did I pick it for Runway To Room?  WELL, because purple is one of my all time favorites when it comes to interiors.  It is chic, yet fun and is vibrant without being over stimulating (like an orange may be).

Let me show you what I mean:

Like Veronica Webb’s look, this room is accessorized in a highly personal way.  It feels quirky, but still elegant enough to be used formally.

I’ve said it before: I am a big, big, big fan of floor to ceiling curtains, plus they mimic the long lean lines of the Ralph Lauren dress.  Both looks are extremely sophisticated, but unique—not your average palate.

This room has the purple, it has the shimmer and it has the character.  But somehow, it still feels easy (not in a trashy way), just like the dress.


So, purple rooms: love them/hate them?  Have them in your own home?

Veronica Webb: Image via Film Magic.
Room Image 1: Photographer Simon Upton, via Elle Decor
Room Image 2: Photographer Roger Davies, via Elle Decor
Room Image 3: Not sure of the source– let me know if you know!


  1. That is the exact color palette of my bedroom. Love it. Very clean spaces, but just enough color.

  2. a purple room, i’ll take it! especially one inspired by such a magical dress <3… I don't think I need the boy's approval for a renovation?

  3. Purple can be so elegant in decor and I love how you saw all the similar details between the dress and the decor~ I have thought about going in that direction many times, especially as my house is gray, but I always pull back — so funny, I have that same fabric on my couch as the last shot, only mine is silver/gray.

    xo Mary Jo

  4. I love the inspiration. Veronica Webb is beautiful and I remember growing up seeing her on the runway. I really love interior design colour translation. That mirror in the first room has caught my eye.

  5. I LOVE them….. the colours are warm and inviting!

  6. Love the first room. Love it so much I’ve pinned it :-)

  7. Love purple rooms, but not overly purple. Don’t have one cause I live surrounded by testosterone and I need to choose my battles,lol.

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