Wine of The Week (55)

Happy November!  The weather has truly chilled in Los Angeles, with evenings dropping into the 40s (F).  For us, this is a winter as our weather gets.  Of course next week we are due back in the mid 70s so, I can’t complain… but you aren’t here for a weather report!  You are here for Wine of The Week!

David’s pick this week is the Tanzen Dame Riesling.  I know what you are thinking: “another German Riesling” and normally you would be right.  I mean, I do love a German Riesling.  But this is not that my friends.  This one is from New York.  Yes, New York.  More specifically the Finger Lakes.  Shocking.

But the shock factor was not David’s reasoning for picking this Riesling.  No, David picked it because it is a great fall wine.  With flavors of baked apples and apricots this is an off-dry wine (meaning it is slightly sweet) that is full on personality.  Oh, and did I mention it’s Organic???  You can pick it up for about $20 a bottle.


  1. I really love the label!

  2. This probably sounds weird, but I like the bottle.
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  3. organic and afforadable sounds great.

  4. That’s a great idea for a gift for my organic obsessed bud!

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