Wine of The Week (57)

For all my US readers, Thanksgiving is just a few short days away!  And while I am still in Honduras, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share David’s Thanksgiving wine selection.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  I have the perfect wine for your Thanksgiving feast.  (Oh and even if you aren’t in the US, I assure you that this is still a tasty wine!)

This week’s wine is the Domaine du Cros “Lo Sang del Pais” Marcillac Rouge 2010.  It is a red wine from south west France in an area where the soil is rich with minerals and appears red.  David says “The wine actually has a little bit of a cranberry aroma, making it perfect to accompany Turkey.”  This Thanksgiving wine runs at about $14 a bottle, making it affordable for your feast!


  1. Wait, you’re in Honduras? Either I read that in forgot or I need to backtrack! Wonder how this tastes with Tofurky 😉

  2. ***read that AND forgot. (WOW)

  3. I don’t know too much about wine and tend to buy if I like the label….

  4. As I don’t know too much about wine, If I like the label, I buy it :)

  5. Yayyyyyy, Thanksgiving!!! Food and football.
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  6. This sounds like an interesting wine, I’ll have to search for it!

  7. That’s a great price – we’ll be picking up leftovers from a friend after we fly back. Hope you’re having a great time in Honduras!

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