Wine of The Week (58)

It’s official.  The holiday season is in full swing!  Hopefully those of you who celebrate, had a great Thanksgiving.  Did anyone brave the craziness and try their hand at some Black Friday shopping?  I am more of a Cyber Monday gal.  That way I can shop from the comfort of my sofa.  All right.  Enough chatter—onto the wine!

David’s pick this week is an Italian wine that he describes as “sick” (which is a very high compliment coming from our sommelier!).  The wine is the Caprandole, Rosso Toscana 2008.  It is a red blend of the very popular Sangiovese and the much rarer Foglia Tonda grapes.  The wine costs about $17 a bottle.  For those of you who typically look for an exciting label–don’t let this one’s turn you off!  It is a much more exciting wine than you may expect.


  1. oh black friday & cyber monday is so crazy isn’t it! i haven’t tried this wine…but i’m trying to get into more wines so this will go on my list. i’m currently getting into Bogle wine Riesling.

  2. Oh yes i shopped on Asos…again!!! I am Italian and this is a good wine!

  3. I love a nice bottle of Italian wine. Being married to an Italian we try lots of wine, but never came across this one. It’s going on my growing list.

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