Accessorizing For Winter

I feel like I am back on the holiday track.  No, I still haven’t completed all my tasks, but I got a little more of the decorating done and I have a plan for the rest of this week.

So instead of focusing on the stress of the past week, I am going to focus on the fashions of winter.  In particular the accessories that can only be worn when the mercury dips.

Tights, gloves, hats, scarves and everything in between—these are the winter accessories that I’ve been craving (even if it isn’t quite cold enough to wear them in LA).


Here are some of my picks:

Where To Shop:
Twenty8Twelve “Ruth Patch-Pocket Wool-Blend Scarf” ($40.50),
Fossil “Shiloh Headband” ($32),
Marc by Marc Jacobs “Frida Sweater Hat” ($88),
ASOS “Kit & Pearl Metallic Snood” ($27.27),
Paul & Joe Sister “Bombay Merino Wool Fair Isle Cap” ($57.75),
French Connection “Felicity Earmuffs” ($34.99),
N.Peal Cashmere “Cashmere and Silk-Blend Gloves” ($42.75),
Anna Sui “Space Dyed Cable/Rib Sweater Tights” ($34),

Have you had the opportunity to dabble in winter accessories this year?  Share your favorite look!


  1. It was SO. COLD. this weekend in NYC. Those tights and furry ear muffs would really come in handy :-)

  2. oh, if only i could pull off the earmuffs. but i do want that snood!

  3. I am in LA too.

    My house has no real heater, just little portable ones. I’ve been wearing heavy sweaters, wool sox, hats, fingerless gloves, scarves ever since it dipped below 50°.

    It’s ‘warmer” at work, but not hugely. Today on my legs I’m wearing leggings, wool over-the-knee-sox AND leg warmers . My feet are still cold! Wah!

    I HAVE been enjoying all my heavy wool or fun fur coats. That’s one benefit of the cold snap.

  4. I LOVE these accessories!!!!!

  5. Ah it seems like an eternity ago when I wore fur earmuffs in nyc! Love your picks — how crazy is it that I haven’t even broken out a cashmere scarf yet, nada, it’s just been too hot! But a girl can dream!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. A pocket scarf! What a cute idea! Sadly, we’ve already been wearing winter accessories for months now in northern MN. Good thing I enjoy my knit wear so much!

  7. Great picks! I know how it gets cold, as I originally lived in MN, but now that I’m out in LA, it’s hard for me to even put a jacket on.

    Confession: I’ve never been a scarf fan. I guess I just don’t like things tucked around my neck. I love the creativeness in the scarves, and how pretty they are. I can admire that, but well, it was just one added thing for me to lose or forget somewhere so it was never my cup of tea 😉 But that first picture in the left corner with the brown scarf that wraps around the head perfectly. I like that.

  8. Great picks as usual. I absolutely love the scarf with pockets….adorable and kinda genius. Our local store I love just got in knitted scarfs with hoods and I am all over them…..hat and scarf in one…..gotta love it.

  9. The ear muffs are so fun!

  10. Love all of them, so cute!
    I do enjoy winter :-)

  11. Well it was cold today! At least I was cold. Love those cable knit tights!

  12. Adorable winter picks! Love the earmuffs!

  13. The snood & those long gloves are my favorite.

    I’m glad we’re in California now because I am not a fan of bundling up in the winter & I’m glad I don’t have to do that here.

  14. I have invested in a variety of gloves. I kinds of want to see snow … I think! But, then will probably want to just sit by the fireplace as well. I’ll take those knit tights, cannot have enough, seriously!

  15. I love gloves and ear muffs.. too bad I can’t wear either in Miami :( :( :(

  16. Love those fury ear muffs! xx

  17. Love those French Connection ear muffs! Great tips! Thanks. xo

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