Best of 2011: Germany

2011 Was filled with lots of travel for me. One of these trips was to Germany. While I had spent much of my childhood there, it was Lukus’ first visit.

I tried to share some of the photos, but of course, I could never have done our visit justice.

Here are a few more photos from our adventures:

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Tell me about one of your adventures from 2011!


  1. It looks so green and verdant!

  2. That reindeer (or is it an Elk?) looks so cute!

  3. Beautiful! And what a lovely time you must have had. My 2011 adventures were, alas, all domestic, (though much needed!). I’m looking forward to 2012!

  4. That’s a good fun fact about you-didn’t know you spent your childhood in Germany. Beautiful images. I hope to visit Europe soon.

  5. So pretty! I loved all of your 2011 travel adventures: makes me long to get my passport out and “go!”

  6. I’m hoping to go to Germany next year to visit my sister after she moves there!

  7. My husband was just talking about where he should visit and Germany came up. It looks absolutely beautiful.

  8. Germany’s beautiful, still have a few fam there … my favourite spots are in Munich and Berlin. Haven’t been there in a little while though. Happy New Year to you!

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