Best Of 2011: The Recipes

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas weekend!  Today Lukus and I are partaking in our day-after-Christmas shopping tradition.

But that doesn’t mean I am abandoning you.  Instead, this week is dedicated to some of my favorite posts from over the past year.

I am starting this little compilation with some of my favorite recipes over the past year.

Check them out and let me know— which is your favorite?

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


Shrimp and Garlic Pizza


Grown-Up Sweet Tea


Spinach & Lentil Curry Soup


Blackberry and Nectarine Pie




  1. I bookmark recipes I love, especially from food blogs. The shrimp garlic pizza looks intriguing, my favourite of these! Enjoy your time shopping.

  2. Happymother says:

    They all look so good! My favourite was the lentil soup!!! Absolutely delicious!!!

    * MERRY CHRISTMAS * to you, Lucus and our family

  3. this pizza is making my mouth water! love your blog!

  4. I want everything. Send some my way, please! I’m far too lazy to cook myself.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. They all look so good! It’s hard to choose just one.

  6. beautiful posts! I love grown up sweet tea, perfect delicious cocktail. Your pie looks fantastic as well.

    I hope you had a merry Christmas and have a very happy new year!

  7. That lentil curry soup looks yummy!

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