Eugenio Recuenco: Fairy Tales

I am a sucker for a good fairy tale.

Even before they came back in vogue with shows like “Once Upon A Time” and “Grimm,” I liked fairy tales.

Yes, I’ve heard the cons—

The fairy tale format is so ingrained in society that from a young age women are taught to believe that they can’t handle situations themselves and are dependent on men to rescue them.
But I think the pros are stronger—

Fairy tales teach us to set goals, to strive for more.  They teach us values like integrity; honor; perseverance; and they help us to believe (no matter how corrupt the world) that good/righteous behavior can conquer evil.

And, despite being a bit of a realist (pessimist?), I absolutely believe that there is a place for idealism.

Yes.  I like fairy tales.

So, when I came across these images from photographer Eugenio Recuenco I became enraptured with his retelling of the tales.  And of course I had to share them with you:

What do you think of the Eugenio Recuenco fairy tales?



  1. That is absolutely beautiful. My favorite is the snow white version. He is genius.

  2. Alexis, I rarely post comments on blogs – but this one touched me. What you said is so true. Aren’t fairy tales really eloquent stories about mind over matter? If we go beyond our beliefs and beyond the limits of our imagination – just like the photographer Eugenio Recuenco has done in his photos, we have the ability to create what did not exist before, what was not real before. Kudos to you for this post !!

  3. I love fairy tales as well, and all these photos are so great! Honestly Sleeping Beauty in the box freaks me out a bit – always had. Makes me feel so claustrophobic :-p I think the first and third are my favorites.

  4. Freaking AWESOME! I love fairytales, and most of the time the original fairytales were as happy as they are depicted in children’s books and movies!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  5. I absolutely love fairy tales… and I think these pics are awesome!

  6. I like the detail in the photos, I like snow white and cinderella. I am guessing the pillows is Repunzel?

  7. Yes!! I was pretty much in love with the photography and styling for this, just phenomenal!

  8. These are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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