Fantastic Faux Fur

It happened.  It finally got cold in LA- sort of.  Due to some crazy Santa Ana winds the temps dropped down to the high 40s (circa 8*C).  For Los Angeles this was insanely cold, maybe not so much for New York.  Needless to say I spent the weekend whining and am now suffering from a bit of a chest cold.  It happens.

You know what else happens?  Faux Fur happens.

Okay, that wasn’t my best segue.  But still faux fur is pretty amazing and if I owned some of it I may not be suffering from a cold.  Okay.  I probably still would be, but I would be suffering chicly.

Enough.  You know what’s coming next— my faux fur picks.  And don’t start with that “fur doesn’t work for me!” line!  Today’s furs come in a variety of styles and in my opinion the faux versions look better than the real thing.

Here they are:

Where To Shop:
Rachel Zoe “Betty Coat with Fur” ($550),
DKNY “Long Sleeve Parka with Faux Fur Collar & Trim” ($525),
Free People “Vegan Mink Fur Coat” ($198),
ASOS “Hooded Fur Coat” ($163.62),
Club Monaco “Claris Faux Fur Jacket” ($349),


What do you think about faux fur?  How are you adjusting to the colder weather?





  1. love love love these coats! I hope I have something fuzzy and warm under the tree for me :-) Hope you feel better! <3 :-(

  2. I am in love with the first faux fur by Rachel Zoe. I love wearing faux fur it’s so classic and timeless.

  3. So into faux fur coats this season. I will be in NY for xmas so I will have to burst out my winter clothes. The Rachel Zoe coat is my fave.

  4. i like the DKNY parka. i really wanted to buy that faux fur vest from the versace for h&m line but things got sold out pretty quickly!

  5. Oh I am a big fan of faux fur!! I have several version mainly coming form asos!!!

  6. I love them all, but the DKNY is amazing! <3<3

  7. the 40s!!! That’s cold! I have been running the heater here non stop at night + a fire + etc. {can hardly wait to see my heating bill}. Anyway, love your faux fur picks–I like it as long as it feels nice. I think recycling real fur as long as it’s vintage and already made {not new and un-p.c.} is my favorite as there’s nothing like fur to keep you warm. My mom laughs because I have a mongolian fur vest–she says I look like a poodle in it, but it really does keep me warm. Thank you btw, for your very sweet and kind words about my mom. I know how close you are with yours.

    xo Mary Jo

  8. It did get cold! I was freezing all day today! Love the faux furs!


  9. I like the feathery look of the last one.

  10. see as pretty as those are I cannot wear them. I’d sneeze and sniffle and prolly DIE!!

  11. It was 10 degrees here last night. I have a coat I love with a faux fur collar, these are all beautiful. I especially love the 2nd and 4th one (I’ve been very into creamy colors of late :-)

  12. I don’t get it! We eat meat… well, those of us who do…. I prefer real fur :)

  13. I’m adjusting to the cold weather by getting out not just my faux fur jacket, vests and scarf, but also my old faux fur hat from the late 90’s! Wore it today for the first time in years and I was so toasty warm. Loving the faux fur trend this season!

  14. I love the Rachel Zoe coat! {Of course, it’s the most expensive – haha.}

  15. I’m all over that Club Monaco style. I’ve been viewing some lovely faux fur styles lately. Get well soon dear!

  16. Oh! I love the Rachel Zoe and The ASOS! Hope you’re feeling better by now.

  17. Faux fur is SO SO much better than the real thing! Not only for the obvious reasons… but have you even worn a fur jacket? It’s totally annoying. The fur sheds like a real animal. lol

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