Golden Rings

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Lately I have been wearing rings.  After I got married I sort of fell out of the practice of seeing rings as an accessories option, because I always wore my wedding band.  Recently however, I have gotten back in the habit of changing up rings (sometimes with my wedding band/engagement ring and sometimes not).  My current obsession has been with gold rings and I’ve been on the hunt for just the right one.

Here are a couple of the current frontrunners:

Where To Shop:
Rachel Leigh Jewelry “Set of 3 Tryst Delicate Rings” ($65.10),
J.Crew “Boyfriend Signet Ring” ($25),
Maison Martin Margiela “Watch Link Ring” ($138),
Jacquie Aiche “Hummingbird Waif Ring” ($99),
House of Harlow “Antler Wrap Ring” ($75),
Gorjana “Tress Stackable Rings” ($58),

Oh, and for good measure, I am pretty sure the below set is actually made for me:

Gorjana “GRACE Ring Set” ($150),


Are you a fan of rings?  Do you wear one at a time, several, or change it up?



  1. love these gold rings! I do think that last one is made for you, especially since it has your last name in it!

  2. Rings have long been a favorite statement piece of mine! I’m kind of obsessed. Ha!

  3. I think you need those last rings! So cute! I never wear rings, but my sister is obsessed with them & I think she’d love these.

  4. I love rings!!! The antler wrap ring is something!!!

  5. I love wearing rings. I wear two rings on a daily basis – my engagement ring and my Tiffany ring that has a special meaning to me. Other than that, I wear maybe a couple of others. I think that rings can add a lot, though.
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  6. oh wow, I really like that first one. It speaks to me! And very eye catching!

  7. I love rings but get annoyed by the fact that my fingers change thickness all of the time.

  8. As you know, I love jewellery!!!!! Need I say any more :)

  9. I love rings. I have a beautiful one that I purchased in Spain with a rose embedded in the center. My children are always begging me to give it to them. So sorry Charlie. Aint gonna happen. My fave above is the Antler wrap ring. Prob because it reminds me of Rudolph who is heavy on the mind, right about now :)

  10. I like rings but like you I’ve gotten out of the habit of seeing them as accessories since I started wearing my wedding band and engagement ring. They’re sort of a statement of their own. Recently I have been wearing more of them though. I guess because they’re so fashionable right now. I like your selection for sure! Really a gold ring or two will never go out of style, so why not invest in something nice.

  11. barbara brita says:

    has anyone else had the problem of the signet ring turning and discoloring?. i love this ring but it is so discolored now it is unwearable. any suggestions other than having it dipped?

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