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It isn’t crazy cold in LA, but I do find my skin getting a little chapped.  I know.  Not remotely attractive.  I am constantly slathering on lotions.  The challenge (beyond traveling everywhere with a million products) is finding lines that are all-natural, but also super effective.

A friend who works with 80 Acres Body Care and knows my propensity for the all-natural (and may or may not have noticed my chapped lips and slightly ashy elbows, she won’t admit it, but her timing was flawless) gifted me with an assortment of lotions, soaps and balms.

I was pretty excited, because the whole line is free of parabens and phthalates.  Not only that, but their primary ingredient is olive oil (which is kind of hysterical, because my Lebanese family has a running joke that you can use olive oil for anything)!  In fact, all of the ingredients are made of all natural elements found at McEvoy Ranch outside Petaluma, California.

Not surprisingly, I have really loved using the product.  So much so, that we decided to host an 80 Acres Body Care giveaway here on NoH!

So here is the deal—-

The Prize:
The winner gets a gift set including lotions, balms and soaps from 80 Acres Body Care.

To Enter:
Leave a comment and let me know your favorite use for olive oil.

Extra Entries: (please leave a comment letting me know which of these you’ve done)
1 entry: Like North On Harper and 80 Acres Body Care on Facebook.
1 entry: Follow @NorthOnHarper and @80acresbodycare on Twitter.
1 entry: Tweet the following- “Enter the @NorthOnHarper & @80AcresBodyCare Giveaway for a perfectly pampered prize!”

The Details:
– Giveaway runs until Midnight, December 21st And I will announce the winner here on the 23rd (So be sure to check back to see if you’ve won!)
– Entrants must have a US address.
-Winner will be selected using



  1. Besides cooking, a little olive oil is great for the hair!

  2. Omg I love using olive oil for soaps. I have to say making home made soaps and beauty products you learn such a great use for home products that you just don’t look at them the same.

  3. sounds so lovely. i’m totally into body products including lotions and balms. my favorite use for olive oil is probably as hair treatment–it’s the best.

  4. liked both on facebook!
    what an awesome giveaway!!

    come check out mine:

  5. I love to make homemade body scrubs using olive oil and also my olive oil cake it to die for….

  6. Well, of course I use only olive oil for cooking :-) And dunking thick, chewy breads into olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a bit of Parmesan cheese is lovely. *And* I’ve also used it on my hair!
    I’m following on twitter and facebook, and tweeted as well. Looks like a great line of products.

  7. I have a confession, I honestly don’t know what to use olive oil for 😉 I don’t even use it all that much in cooking…. Am I the most horrible person ever?? lol

    Of course, the times people have shown me how to dip bread in olive oil, that is absolute fab.

  8. I so want these! My favorite use of olive oil: is to drizzle it over my pasta. Yep. I’m a traditionalist. But I LOVE olive oil. I use it to make “power pesto” in which I add kale, spinach, carrots and flax seed oil to a tradition basil, olive oil, lemon, nut and parm mix. I also use olive oil as a tonic, and on my skin. Bam. I hope I win.

  9. Oh, yeah this is my second entry, cuz I liked you guys on FB.

  10. AND….. I tweeted. Get out! (and wish me luck)

  11. I love it for cooking, but also used to soak my cuticles in it. I should really start doing that again!

  12. I liked both on FACEBOOK! :)

    I love natural products!

  13. I love drizziling a great Olio Nuovo over raw kale with sea salt and lemon for a healthy winter salad.

  14. second entry…. I liked you on FB

  15. third entry…. I liked 80 Acres on FB!

  16. I love olive oil! Besides drizzling it on everything, I even used it as a moisturizer when I ran out of face cream in LA this summer {shhh that sounds so ghetto but it actually works great!} –fingers crossed I’m the lucky winner!
    xo Mary Jo

  17. How cool of your friend! Awesome. I could totally use this stuff right now. :) My favorite use? I love dipping bread in it… mmm!

  18. I use Olive oil for so many different things. I use it as a lotion when I get out of the bath after a hot day in the sun…. I use a few drops in my HOT bath. I use it for cooking, in some of my baking dishes and in soaps. There are many many uses for olive oil and each day, I discover more uses. I love olive oil.

  19. Already following you on Facebook and Twitter. Tweeted about the giveaway. And my favorite use for olive oil {which your family is totally right about} is for my hair. I have naturally dry skin and hair year round but olive oil is great for quenching those thirsty hair ends.

  20. well, I use it most often for cooking, but it’s great for a hair conditioner or de-frizzer too!

  21. I use olive oil to cook broccoli and cauliflower, and also love to eat pasta with olive oil and Parmesan cheese! Mmm mm!!

  22. Poured over vanilla ice cream with sea salt. Yum!

  23. Almost every dish I cook uses olive oil but my favorite has to be homemade aoli!

  24. And I liked you and 80 acres on FB but I’m afraid I don’t tweet/twitter yet…

  25. I love oil oil for makeup removal and use regularly as a facial moisturizer! Oh and works great for chapped lips, and cooking of course!!!!!!

  26. I use olive oil for anything and everything. Living here in Sonoma County, McEvoy Olive Oil is my oil of choice. The best!

  27. Chris McCorkel says:

    I use Olive oil on EVERYTHING… I’m addicted. Best to use McEvoy Olive Oil in any red sauce, it really enhances the flavor!
    Liked “North On Harper” and “80 Acres Body Care”
    Following @NorthOnHarper and @80acresbodycare
    Tweeted “Enter the @NorthOnHarper & @80AcresBodyCare Giveaway for a perfectly pampered prize!”

  28. Nothing makes me happier than lots of different olive oils in the kitchen. I smell them like wine and use them every day over salads, veggies and in cooking. I just discovered 80 Acres Olive Oil Body Balm, my skin is so much better! My favorite use of olive oil though is mixing it with a few drops of essential oil and using it to massage my hubby. :) PS: I happily tweeted and followed on FB, glad to be able to find and follow you & McEvoy Ranch / 80AcresBodyCare.

  29. coolblKchic says:

    looks great~~~ i want 2 WIN

  30. I have a conditioner that has olive oil in it! Great for the frizzies!

  31. Tweeted it :)

  32. Olive oil is my fave salad dressing, especially in the winter. :) I also use it to heal cracked lips and heels – it’s a miracle worker!!

  33. I’m a Fb fan of both pages. xo

  34. Well this looks just fab! I usually use olive oil for cooking. Boring, I know.

    I did all this:
    1 entry: Like North On Harper and 80 Acres Body Care on Facebook.
    1 entry: Follow @NorthOnHarper and @80acresbodycare on Twitter.
    1 entry: Tweet the following- “Enter the @NorthOnHarper & @80AcresBodyCare Giveaway for a perfectly pampered prize!”

    I hope I win!

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