Seasonal Stress

So far this Holiday season I am failing.  I have had serious trouble balancing all of life’s normal craziness, so adding the extra holiday stuff is making me slightly frazzled.

I haven’t finished my shopping (although Lukus has been very helpful!).

I haven’t finished my baking (I have barely gotten started!).

I haven’t finished decorating (The tree is up, but not finished).

Oh and in case anyone is wondering– my once elegant tree is now whimsical (or at least that is how I am justifying Lukus’ latest purchase).  I am coming to terms with it.

Please tell me— How do you manage Christmas Craziness and Seasonal Stress?


  1. Oh, my sweet. I don’t. It’s is total crazy cakes in Nicki Woo land. But I’ll tell you what helps. At night, turning the lights down, turning on all the Christmas lights I can find, having a cup of hot tea and watching Christmas movies. We do that every chance we get.

    I promise, it helps.

  2. I let other people handle it haha.
    Don’t worry hun! You will get through it. And when all else fails…reach for a cheesecake martini. Always make me feel better haha

  3. Hah, I’m more behind than you are. And I gave up my elegant tree 2 years ago when the little one was born. Going to go all out gaudy this year!

  4. I make lists, I fill in the calendar, I drop everything else in my life for several hours a day to attempt to catch up (which causes me guilt….), I go into my closet with a bottle of brandy and scream into a pillow.
    {That was a joke. Well…pretty much…}
    I breathe and try to remember the real reason for it all!!

  5. Oh my, I’m right there with you. I wish I had advice but I have a boring undecorated house and I’m not planning on doing any baking this year. Just too busy. I do think I have all of the shopping done, though.

  6. Having that gorgeous pig on a tree is a fabulous start

  7. Oh my goodness, I have not finished any of the above either! It’s ok…we still have time, don’t stress!


  8. How do I handle it? Well, first, I just look at this entire time as fun, and that it is truly meant to sit back and be enjoyed. I also know my limits. If one year baking is too much, I’m okay with not doing it. I watch the events I RSVP to, as to not overwhelm myself, and the shopping. Well, I do a lot of my shopping online. I’m on the computer a lot writing so a quick browse through the online sites, I find some amazing finds.

    Sit back, breathe, and have a cup of hot chocolate or Chai Tea 😉

  9. I feel like the holidays just came out of nowhere. I have no idea where the time went…seriously…

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  10. Don’t stress! I used to stress out so much, but when when work life became crazy there was absolutely nothing that I could do, so the past few years, I’ve been doing a bit every other day. Even, if it’s to hand one or two bulbs, haha. Fortunately I started quite early this year, but the same principal applied. Now, I am still working on the tree, but other decor has finally gotten up. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  11. I know how you feel! It’s hard to do it all! best of lucky! & great blog I found on FIN.

  12. I’m a list person …. couldn’t survive without using them..

  13. Honestly? I make a crazy number of “to do” lists, focus on getting the Christmas cards out and the gifts purchased and wrapped, and let everything else slide a little. If not I don’t enjoy the season and I want to enjoy the season!

  14. Oh, and that pig will be a family favorite one year – don’t worry!

  15. I hardly decorate because I go home for the holidays, so all I have to do is help with shopping. Luckily, that’s one thing I love. But I would suggest just take it task by task, day by day and you’ll get through it. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the time. =]

  16. Lots of planning, time management and lots of discipline to stick to those plans. Good luck! Love the pig! lol

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