Sophisticated Snowflake Garland

Remember how I wanted an elegant Christmas and Lukus wanted a more (how shall I say this?) colorful Christmas?  Well, we met in the middle—maybe not the exact middle, but somewhere in the vicinity.

Okay, so it is absolutely skewing my direction.  However, to be clear, my dream was a Chanel inspired Christmas.  But as a friend put it, I am instead having a “Ralph Lauren Christmas.”

So, in the spirit of the Americana feel, I have taken on a few crafty projects (those of you who know me well, please quit laughing!).  And as a gesture of my seasonal benevolence I have decided to share one with you!

First Christmas Craft: The Sophisticated Snowflake Garland, and this one is insanely simple.

What you will need:
– A stack of regular white printer paper
– Scissors
– Gold Chain (I picked a few yards at a hardware store- they have lots of options!)

1)Remember how you made paper snowflakes as a kid?  You are going to do that now.  (In case you’ve forgotten how—see Martha)
2)Thread a few through a gold chain (or silver)—this is where to take the project from childish to refined.
3)TaDa!  There you go.  That’s it.  And don’t lie.  You know you needed a super simple project in the midst of all the craziness.  So you are welcome.

What kind of holiday projects are you working on?


  1. Really cute, Alexis. I think this merges your love of the elegant and Lukas’s love of whimsy (?) beautifully!

  2. So fabulous! I love the nostalgic update :) I’ve been doing a TON of holiday DIYs on my blog; I make nearly all my decorations rather than buy them!

  3. I love it! You have met in the middle – compromise (normally the glue in any marriage :)

  4. I remember making paper snowflakes as a little girl….good times…..great memories. I had more time for projects last year so this year just a regular decorating and I am putting my time and energy into baking.

  5. Looks great!

  6. Believe it or not I want my Christmas tree to look like Christmas came and puked on it. I do something really tasteful and sophisticated all the time. This time I just want to throw things at the tree and run away screaming like a mad woman

  7. Nothing at the moment and i’ll definitely steal this idea!

  8. What a fun way to bring a child’s project into a very elegant Holiday decoration! GREAT IDEA!

  9. How chic is that?!?

  10. Wow that is a great idea! So stylish! <3<3

  11. Very cool. Is it wrong that I fully expect to always be the sole decision maker on Christmas decorations? It evens out though. My bf gets to make other decisions.

  12. this is darling, I love it! <3 might just have to copy :-)

  13. I love that you used chain with the snowflakes! You will have to detail your fantasy Chanel inspired Christmas, now I’m curious! It looks great though and definitely more festive than my place which is a wreck after the nail polish came and went through these doors.

    xo Mary Jo

  14. Beautiful! My 8yo loves to make snowflakes. I hang them with thread in front of the windows. Your idea is great :-)

  15. You’re too cute, missy! And I’m totally catching up on your blog backwards tonight, so I haven’t yet read about the differing Christmas themes.

  16. Oh that is very Chanel! I loved your streamers. Very very pretty and inexpensive too.

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