Tackling Christmas Shopping

It is December 1st and my mother has already finished her Christmas shopping.  I am not kidding.  I know this because I helped with much of the ordering on Cyber Monday.  And no, I didn’t buy one thing, because I am such an amazing daughter that I focused all the energy on helping her.  Undoubtedly this means her gifts for me will be particularly spectacular 😉


So, if you are like me and are just beginning the process now, here a few steps to making it less painful:

Make a list.  Just like Santa, you need to write down everyone you need to buy a gift for.  This way you don’t accidentally forgot, say, a nephew (I have four of them, so it could happen!).  I like to organize my list by family.

Set a budget.  Determine how much you can spend on gifts as a whole and then assign a number to each person on your list.  Remember, while the total budget should remain the same, you can adjust individual budgets based on other gifts.

Research Online.  Instead of driving from store to store, do some online research first.  This will help inspire ideas (if you haven’t received a list!) as well as confirming your budget.


How is your Christmas shopping coming along?


  1. these are such great tips! cyber monday was a huge hit, but I ahve to admit, after checking everyone off my list, my bank account is looking very sad.

  2. You can find some great gifts for around $20 each at crateandbarrel.com and urbanoutfitter.com. I’m also a big fan of giving candles. They lend a soft glow for weeks after you give the gift. And if you’re really broke this holiday season, a batch of fudge makes a great gift or a batch of lemon curd – yum! And if you’re really, REALLY broke, you can write your person a letter telling them how much they mean to you – priceless. They are guaranteed to love it!

  3. Happymother says:

    That sounds like your mummy! She was always very organized and I love to see that you have the same behavior! I love cyber shopping!
    But I still have to find some gifts.

  4. Easy and great tips! I definitely need to make a budget because last year I freaked out when I got my statement in January. Good luck with your shopping.

  5. Nail polish? Does this mean I don’t have to shop? I am in total denial.

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Cute, that you are such a good daughter. I had to be finished since all packages will be shipped. It would not be so good if they did not arrive on time… that was a Christmas I will never forget, haha! xo

  7. I have never done my shopping online for christmas, but it seams like a good idea. My kids are very picky so i would need to be careful of the types of things I buy. I do like the idea of doing this after their in bed and having it shipped to work. They never know you went shopping.

  8. Yes, hubby and I make our lists every year. Both our wish lists (to give to the family that demands… er.. requests them), and our list of who we need to buy for, and what the budget is. To keep our budget intact, we also include our Christmas Card expenses, any decorating expenses (needing to buy a new tree can take a big chunk out of any budget), or any expected food cost increases (like feeding an extra 6 people for 3 days). That way, we know what to expect for the holidays, finance-wise, and we can move into January without too much post-holiday guilt! : )

  9. Great tips! Have a lovely weekend. <3<3

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