Under Wraps: A Lesson In Compromise

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If you’ve been following along, then you know, this Christmas season has been all about compromise—specifically in the decoration department.  As Lukus and I have battled between the whimsical and the chic, we have attempted to negotiate choices that please us both.

One of these areas that initially created the most strife has actually ended up being one of my favorite elements!  I am talking about wrapping paper.

Let me explain:

If you have several different types of paper that fail to interrelate then your gifts, and in turn your décor, can feel a bit scattered and immature.  And, on the other side of the argument, if your paper is too sophisticated it can feel boring and bland.

We sidestepped both pitfalls by setting a color scheme and then choosing fun options within it.

Our color palette was white, red and silver.  From there we were able to select four different types of paper (with both whimsical and sophisticated themes).  Once wrapped the boxes added to the décor, rather than detracting.

Don’t believe me?  Well I have the photographic evidence:

Do you have any rules for wrapping paper?


  1. That does look lovely! I have never though of coordinating my gift wrap colours, but now I’m tempted to.

  2. I’ve no rules, mainly as I opt for gift bags due to my skills at wrapping gifts. If I did though, I would opt for silver and blue metallic paper; they’re icy, like winter. Timeless, too.

  3. I typically have not had many rules on gift wrapping trims, until recent years. My bf family and my parents tend to have seasonal colour themes, so I’ve managed to adapt … This year? It was bronze and teal, and for the other family silver, white, and blue. It was easy to find those wrappings this year, thank goodness. I like mixing patterns with the gift wrap. Hope you enjoy your holiday. -xo

  4. I have no rules when it comes to wrapping. In the future I’m going to take more pride in my wrapping and truly make a present a “present.” Some of the fun is truly in the presentation.

  5. I don’t have any rules about wrapping paper, I have opted to use gift bags instead. They are easy to use and the recipient can re use the bags next holiday season.

  6. Wow, Alexis, I’m impressed! I’ve never though to do anything like that… we have a giant variety of wrapping paper {all cute and a lot of it…ummm…Disney}. Our Christmas decor is very un-chic/sophisicated, but it’s fun. I have to say though… maybe I will coordinate next year because I love your wrapping paper & the gifts look gorgeous!

  7. I don’t have any rules, but I can see how beautiful the results can be & you have plenty of choices, within your red, silver & white theme!

  8. Your wrapped gifts did enhance the decor – I know I was there and that display was beautiful!
    This is sad but I used to care a lot about how my gifts were wrapped, but years of kids ripping apart my lovingly wrapped boxes has made me a bit jaded. The area under the tree looks delightfully filled this year with wrapped presents, but they’re all in the same green tree print with a few gift bags thrown in. Every year I buy a roll of paper that I like at Target, add some curling ribbon and cute tags and I’m done! My only “rule” is that I buy hanging tags rather than the stick-on kind.

  9. I have rules when I buy the paper but my family is all about reusing etc. So it ends up looking like a giant mess. I am the one that is made to decorate the trees set up the presents because I do it artistically and yet they RUIN MY VISION!!! lol

  10. I don’t have rules, but that’s a really good idea. Your Christmas wrap looks super pulled together. I’m guessing Lukas picked the Santa wrapping paper? 😉

  11. Some years I’ve coordinated things and other are a free for all! I tend to favor red and white naturally – so a lot of my decor winds up matching without my really planning it. Of course I also like blue and silver together. Hmm..and gold.

  12. Hahaha actually I don’t! My philosophy is use whatever is left over from last year and then buy the cheapest to finish up the current year. I figure it’s all going in the trash quickly anyway! But I love people who have themed wrapping paper. It’s very pretty with their holiday decorations!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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