Wine Of The Week (59)

I am going to let you in on a little NoH secret: David Foss (beloved sommelier and curator of all thing Wine Of The Week) does not live in Los Angeles.  Now to be clear, when we first started doing this weekly post, he did and I saw him something like twice a week.  However, work took him away to New York.  So each week he picks a wine and shares it with me so that I can put together this post.  Sometimes I get to try it, but sometimes I don’t.

Now, why am I telling you this? Often I am asked where the wines can be purchased.  And the answer is, at most wine shops throughout the US and many places in Europe.  I know this because if I want to try the wine I have to track it down myself.  Also, I always include a link in posts of an online retailer that sells the wine.

And today’s wine is no exception.  David has picked the Taurino Notarpanaro 2004.  It is an Italian red wine made predominately of negroamaro grapes.  This wine is a great example of the varietal.  David compares it to a “a big hulky dude who at first glance seems mean and intimidating, however he ends up being a sweet nice guy” (seriously, this is how David described it).  So give the wine a chance—it may surprise you!  The bottle runs about $17.



  1. I want to try this one! Bold and Hunky but then soft and sweet? I’m sold my friend.

    ps, planning a trip to LA. can we kick it? it’d be fun! :)

  2. Sounds like a wine def worth trying …

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