A Sneak Peek: Karl by Karl Lagerfeld

First off, welcome to North On Harper 2012.  I know, it kind of looks like North On Harper 2011.  What can I say?  I am going for a retro vibe…

But seriously, here we are: a new year, a new post.  With all this new I want you to know there is some consistency in life.  And that consistency is named Karl Lagerfeld.

If you’ve spent even a few design-themed minutes with me then you are surely aware of my Chanel obsession.  And while the French house is the center of my passion, I can’t help but take notice when Karl Lagerfeld begins new ventures.

So it isn’t surprising that there is a lot of anticipation on my end when it comes to his new collection, aptly named Karl.  This line runs somewhere between $100 and $450 and will launch on Net-A-Porter on January 25th.

The line has an edgy and urban feel to it.  Not surprising when you think of Karl Lagerfeld’s own look:


So what exactly can we expect from the line?



From what I can tell, the pieces and styling seem like something that Karl himself would wear!

What do you think? Will you be checking out the rest of the line on Net-A-Porter?

1) Karl Lagerfeld (photo by FlynetPictures.com)
2) Look 1 from Karl by Karl Lagerfeld (via Net-A-Porter)
3) Look 2 from Karl by Karl Lagerfeld (via Net-A-Porter)


  1. I still like buying clothes the old fashioned way – in person. I did like the line he did for Macy’s though. Still wish I’d bought one of the dresses!

  2. You know, all this showing of other people’s new lines and styles, I’m dying to see yours =)

  3. Hope there will be colour too! I’m not a huge fan of black.

  4. I always thought Karl came straight out of an animé film; he just looks the part of a main villan.

    I’ll be checking out his stuff, but at those prices, it’ll be window shopping.

  5. I love the little gloves and collars, gonna have to check this out. Thank you for posting this!

  6. Yes – when do you plan to launch your line Alexis????? :-)
    Honestly these remind me of the 80’s somehow – perhaps the shoulders. I like them though – and also love Karl’s gloves!

  7. Can’t wait to see more from him, and this collection … wonder what other styles he will have? I love wearing black!

  8. I think that Herr Karl is a genius! I will check the full collection for sure!

  9. Super chic, love the masculinity of the collection

  10. I used to love having all name brand everything but this year I am focusing on buying all hand made independent artists designs have you ever thought about those?

  11. Looks like it has great pieces. Liking the lower price point too!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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