Adventures At The Alligator Farm

While you read this I am probably driving up to Atlanta to spend time with my family.  Yes, my time in Florida was short, but it was fun!

Yesterday we took a drive down to St. Augustine (which claims the title “oldest city in the US”) and decided to visit the Alligator Farm.

Wait- don’t freak out!!!  This isn’t a cattle farm for alligator meat— this is actually a lovely zoological park.  And I say lovely, because it works with lots of endangered species that just don’t receive the same interest of more cuddly animals.  Among their represented animals are all 23 crocodilian species, along with a few surprises.

But enough about that— check out my photos from the Alligator Farm:


  1. Love the photo of the parrot! Looks like a fun place to visit.

  2. You got some great pictures. I’m hoping the crocs weren’t running around freely 😉

  3. What incredibly sharp photos – sounds like you’re having a blast. There is something I love about alligators, wonder if its the Peter Pan thing?

  4. Okay that place is awesome. I love animals!

  5. That last photo is intense! Love all of these, and the concept behind the Alligator Farm is wonderful – it’s nice to see that even the less-huggable species have a safe haven out there. x

  6. I love the last photo!!! The farm must be awesome!

  7. Happy Aunt says:

    GREAT photography!

  8. How great that you’re going home to visit your family Alexis! I hope you have a wonderful time. This park looks amazing–love animal gazing…I am working today, sigh–but trying to squeeze in some fun afterward.

    Happy weekend!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  9. First, love your blog design! Gorgeous!

    Second, fun post. St. Augustine is a lovely city. I look forward to taking my kids there someday. You did a great job with all your photos!

  10. Next time you are in Florida you have to visit me so we can go shopping :)

  11. Ooo, looks like fun. When my family visited Louisiana, we went on Swamp Tour. It was really fun to watch the ‘gators in the Bayou. I love your shots, especially of the parrot. Beautiful!

  12. Animals are so beautiful, stunning captures. Enjoy your holiday and have a great weekend.

  13. I want to visit St. Augustine soooo badly!

  14. The picture of the parrot is beautiful! Hope you had a great trip!

  15. Crocodiles are so primeval! I love the way they look, but I also know they’re very dangerous. The park looks lovely though.

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