Amelia Island At Night

Lukus and I escaped for a little vacation on the East Coast for a few days.  We are starting our trip in Amelia Island, Florida.  And while, yes, I only live 30 minutes from the beach in LA, there is something about being able to step right out the door onto it.  We arrived late at night, but for me, the site was still utterly enchanting.


  1. Nice! Enjoy yourself and try not to spend too much time on the computer.

  2. Sounds lovely :)

  3. Enjoy the fun vacation!!! May you get all the relaxation you deserve.

  4. I remember those steps! So close to WPB – come see me! Of course, I am in Honduras… Hate missing two of my favorite kids on the planet. Love, Fairy Godmommy

  5. Ah, you’re also off to some place new and exciting. Amelia Island sounds lovely!

  6. I am dying for a vacation myself and thinking about LA and Florida with my mom and my son next summer. I sooo envy you now.

  7. I do hope you’ll have more pictures. You know how much I love the beach.

  8. How fun… vacations are the best. Very pretty snapshot. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

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