Chanel Spring 2012 Couture

Just because last week was all about the NoH Series: The LBD doesn’t mean I wasn’t checking out the couture shows.  And it especially doesn’t mean that I forgot to talk about Chanel.  Because I didn’t and I would never forget!  In fact, I am going to talk about it now…

The Chanel Spring 2012 Couture Collection was a great departure (or was it an arrival?) from the Raj inspired Pre-Fall Collection.  The show took place in Air Chanel – a set built to look like a jumbo jet where the aisle became the runway and the guests sat in actual airplane seats (I suspect they were probably more spacious than what we see these days).  That’s right, Karl Lagerfeld looked to the sky to inspire this collection.

While the color palette was limited to blue (albeit 150 shades of blue), the materials used were not limited to fabric.  Everything from cellophane, to crystal, to organza to pvc were used in the creations.  But despite what may be seen as gimmicks, the Chanel Spring 2012 Couture Collection maintained the level of elegance synonymous with the label.

What do you think of the collection?


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  1. overall it was a solid collection – i’m hoping those triple strap mary janes make it into stores! Although there were a variety of shades – I can’t deny I was a bit bummed by the limited palette.

  2. Not what I would expect…but I dig it…especially the first look!

  3. I don’t like all, but I like most. Love the colours.

  4. The hair was so fierce and edgy, I loved it!

  5. Hmm, interesting. I really like the shoes and I love the first look in the second set. Stunning!

  6. Totally love it! So glad he’s making blue the new black!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. The third set of the three were my favorite. The airways seem to be a huge theme within the past year.

  8. I love most of the clothing, but not a fan of the hair,lol….glad to see that my favorite color is making a comeback….

  9. The hair is crazy, I like the color and the black sequin dress.

  10. I love it too and I can’t get over the theme.. its just so romatic-ly classic!

  11. following you on bloglovin.. hope you can follow if you like mine :)

  12. I like the first photo in the first two sets, and the third in the last set. *And* the fabric of the middle one in the last set. (Hope that makes sense :-)
    And I LOVE the wild and crazy hair!!!

  13. Beautiful! My favorite would have to be the giraffe print dress! Karl did a great job!

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