Crimes Against Fashion

Recently my sister found herself in the airport waiting to board a delayed flight.  She was innocently minding her own business when she came across a crime against fashion that she found utterly deplorable.  So much so, that she snapped a photo and sent it my way.  I too was appalled.

Allow me to share the image:

Yes, that is a thong hanging out of those jeans.  Why?  Why?  This pains me to no end.  Your panties belong in your jeans.  This is not cute, or sexy or anything else appealing.  It is trashy.  There I said it.  Please deal with this.

Okay. Pfew.  Ranting and raving always makes me feel better!

But, let us not kid ourselves.  This is just one of the many crimes against fashion that do not need to continue.  And to be clear, I believe fashion rules should be broken.  These are crimes.  They should result in a fine or a short prison sentence.

Of course this email came just as I was considering writing some sort of resolution post.  But then I realized it would be far more fun to make a list of Crimes Against Fashion that I hope not to see in 2012.

1) Bras that don’t fit.  Be they too big or too small, either way this is not flattering.  Too big and you are constantly adjusting straps, too small and well your back gets squeezed inappropriately and let’s just say your cup runneth over…

2) Clothing that is too small/big.  Yes, this is another size issue- but rightfully so! When clothing fails to fit it completely detracts and distracts.

3) Pajamas in public.  Unless you have recently escaped from some sort of institution or are a very young child this is not acceptable.  No one is saying you have to dress to the nines to run an errand, just put on something that can actually be called clothing.


Okay, so that is my list!  What crimes against fashion are you hoping were left in 2011?


  1. I break rule #3 from time to time 😉 I just like the comfort of pajamas way too much 😉

  2. Well I feel a *bit* better – I was afraid you were going to have a photo of *me* posted!
    I also find the thong photo horrible – and, surprisingly, this is a sight I’ve seen many times (no not upon myself!)

    As for the crimes themselves:
    1- I don’t think I have any bra problems personally; though I do love the “cup runneth over” line :-)
    2- I must admit I am a wearer of oversized t and sweat shirts. (How long is my sentence for this crime?)
    3- Hmmm… my guilt here seems to depend upon the exact definition of the word pajamas. In my 15yo son’s mind p,j,’s are the jeans and t shirt he wore all day. (Whether at home all day, at public school, or out dirt biking. This makes me crazy).
    I suppose anything purchased in the “sleepwear” department counts as sleepwear?
    Ok, yeal – I’m totally in trouble with this one too.
    {*Unless* of course, you consider my home, Witt’s End (a place with 5 homeschooling kids, 3 dogs, and numerous chickens) as a type of mental institution 😀
    I think I just found my plea!

    Fun post Alexis! If we ever meet in person I promise not to wear my Eeyore pants

  3. amen! thank you for bringing up these highly important faux pas! the thought of a panty peek-a-boo makes me shudder. I might have to make one personal addition – male ugg boots = muggs. I witnessed a duo sporting them at Saks over the holidays. I wasn’t amused.

  4. I sooooo agree with you! When I see THAT I cringe! How on earth can anyone in their right mind think that is sexy?!!! Awful is the word!! I must confess – (I am quite embarrassed to tell you this, In a hurry once, or twice in my life, I have simply slipped on a tracksuit over my pjs and gone out) But then nobody else knew that – now of course everyone does haha

  5. Anything that doesn’t fit! Shoes that look too big or too small! Your toes don’t need to hang off the edge or swim around in your shoes! And I am an UGG hater. Sorry. But it’s true. I hate those loaf of bread shoes with a passion. And no, sparkles don’t make me like them more. I love your list, BTW. =)

  6. Ohhhh dear that’s still a thing in 2012, isn’t it? The only whale tails I should be seeing now belong at SeaWorld. Pfft !

    I don’t worry about #1 so much as I literally have nothing up top to support anyway; we’re talking AAA territory, here. Or Andrej Pejic.

    As for the other ones, I have your back 110 percent of the way. Not just PJs, but horrible velour tracksuits as well, especially with the word “Juicy” written on the backside… or anything written on the backside, for that matter.

    Actually, why can’t we all just dress like fashion bloggers or wear our finest when we fly! That would be a tremendous improvement over the bussification of air travel! Yes.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  7. Ill fitting clothing is definitely not a fave of mine!

  8. Hehehe, I made the mistake in the photo today accidentally. I’ve learned that I need to invest in BELTS for the jeans that like to hang low. *face palm*

  9. I agree! The pajamas especially. I saw about 40 people walking around in pajama pants the day after NYE. One girl was walking down the street in her PJs without even shoes on! Not ok to wear pajama pants in public….unless your house is on-fire and you have to escape quickly. Even then, you should attempt to save your clothes 😉

  10. And this is why I’ve started buying the new mid-waisted jeans by Joes. Just donated my last pair of low cuts, no more whale tails for me!!!

  11. So funny! And I am so glad you wrote about the pajamas thing–I know the olsens and julien schnabel may get away with it but it is such a bad idea. I’m hoping never to see…guys in long shorts with tube socks and deck shoes, beards, and that’s about it I guess :)

    Happy New Year!

    xo Mary Jo

  12. Ha ha I saw one the other day as well, I tweeted about it but felt a bit :-s trying to take a photo. A girl had grey leopard print leggings on that were see through you could see her underwear and everything.

    I was about 25m away from her as well, at first I thought they were tights but they were in fact leggings, I always wonder if the person actually knows what they’re doing lol

  13. I should probably PM you rather than let anyone let know what a snob I am. There are so many fashion crimes running around my neighborhood it’s crazy. I’ve just gotten used to it. However, the other day it went beyond. A man was bending over to pick up his dog’s poop and he showed off about 5 inches of tattooed, hairy, bottom in the process. It was scary.

  14. This is such an awesome post! LOVE it!!! And I love that your sister took a pic, how awesome. I thought the whole thongs-hanging-out-of-pants was something girls stopped doing in the 90s.

  15. Haha! Well I am glad my picture is a hit! I cringed when I turned to look out the window and saw THAT instead. You should have heard Dad’s comments!!!! Great post Alexis – I’ll make sure to keep you in mind if I ever see any awful fashion faux pas around campus.

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