Daring Daphne Guinness

I’ve spoken before about Daphne Guinness (Don’t know who she is?  Check out this post) and her artistic vision when it comes to fashion.  So I was extra excited when I discovered a post on her in Vogue Deutsch (that’s the German version of Vogue).

The editorial, from the imagination of photographer Bryan Adams, is aptly named Rebel Rebel.  The piece takes iconic images of the irreverent David Bowie and transports Ms. Daphne Guinness into the role of the music celebrity.

I found the piece incredibly clever, as both David Bowie and Daphne Guinness are truly rebels.  While both have a true knowledge of the history and culture of their particular areas (music and fashion- respectfully), they buck the trend looking to forge their own path and in the process effect the world around them.  A perfect pairing!

Here are two of my favorite images:

What do you think of Daphne Guinness as David Bowie?



All images of Daphne Guinness by Bryan Adams for Vogue Deutsch.  Check out the complete piece here.



  1. LOVE her. she makes a damn good Bowie :-). I have a hilarious story – a friend of mine went to Indochine for her bday last week… and was seated next to the male David Bowie! I was a bit jealous to say the least :-).

  2. First of all there is no other artist that I love more than I love David Bowie. So anyone who agrees, is wonderful in my Book. The shots are fab! The last one under the street light took my breath away. Which is your fave?

  3. Wow! Love it!

    I’ve been away from the blogosphere but I’m back.

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    I’d like something a little bold and sexy if you have any ideas! (there’s zippers on the ankles too)

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  4. Wow. These images are so cool! So edgy and off the beaten path. I love them.

  5. She’s amazing – anyone who can sport hair that red and look stunning is tops in my book! Have always loved her.

  6. Those are some great images! Does she always have snow, glitter, slash stuff flying around her models? =)

  7. Absolutely amazing! I don’t really know much about Daphne, but I am a big of David Bowie.

  8. She makes a great David Bowie and I think that bryan adams is also a great photographer and not only a wonderful singer!!!

  9. wow! those images are awesome! i wasnt familiar with her work until now!

  10. Great pics! Daphne looks amazing as David Bowie.

  11. Love David Bowie and his music. I don’t really know that much about the Guinness heiress except that she’s very popular and is doing
    A line of makeup for Mac.

  12. Fun concept.

    I saw her once shopping in Bergdorfs in her towering heel-less shoes!

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