Doutzen Kroes Visits The Beach

Today is Lukus birthday!  We are off doing birthday things here in Atlanta, but it was this celebration that prompted our little cross-country trip to begin with.

As you may have read here, here and here, we spent the first few days of our vacation on Amelia Island in Florida.  Yes.  It was chilly.  But there is something about a chilly beach, that makes it feel tranquil and private and special—as in something that not everyone gets to experience.

The trip reminded me of an editorial I saw a few months back in Muse Magazine featuring model Doutzen Kroes and photographed by Lachlan Bailey.

One photo specifically:

What do you think of the beach in winter?



  1. When we were on the Isle of Palms in South Carolina back in October, it was anything but hot. It was super windy, 70 degree weather, with water I could barely get my toes in . But I very much agree with what you said about the privacy and specialness it seems to hold. It terribly romantic, if you ask me. Yes, I love a hot busy beach to lay on and people watch. But there’s just something terribly romantic about a walk on a windy, chilly beach. I guess because it pulls you closer for warmth and its not so much about showing skin.

  2. ah the beach in winter is solace from the east coast mess of a winter. these washed out colors are the perfect winter beach scheme I love! Happy Birthday to Lukus… enjoy your time in GA with the fam!!!

  3. Hey, Lexus! I was sending the birthday boy an email when this came in! Please tell him to check his inbox and make him a funfetti cake. I love the beach in winter! Love you, too! Fairygodmommy

  4. The last time I was at a beach, it was during the fall and you’re right, there’s something about a chilly beach that makes it feel tranquil and like the water, the smell of the salt in the air, the wind in your hair, and everything around you is there just for you. It’s pretty great.

  5. I love the photo! The beach in winter is my favorite. I like that it is deserted except for a few brave souls. It is quiet and serene in the off season. Just me, God and the waves and seagulls. Love it!!
    Happy birthday to Lukus!

  6. I absolutely love the quietness of the beach during the winter months. A much more relaxed atmosphere, and seeing the ocean blue is a much enjoyable experience for me!

    When I saw the photo I was just waiting for your rendition of the photo 😉

  7. You’re making me want to head over to the beach stat! Glad you’re having fun!

  8. Aww… I was hoping you had taken pictures of the beach, cold or not. I’m sad now.

  9. I’ve never been to the beach in winter, which is odd because I lived in Miami for most of my life. But that was when I thought 60 degrees was cold, so maybe now I could handle it better. =]

  10. Some days, there is nothing I like more than being all bundled up, and walking down a moody winter shore. Much harder to do out here, though! But, there is something special about having the surf all to yourself… Like you’re sharing a secret with the waves…

  11. Even if it was cold I am seriously jealous, i love the smell of the sea……Can’t wait for summer to come back!

  12. I love the beach in the winter and that spread is gorgeous! I hope Lucas had a wonderful birthday! Sounds like you guys are having a lovely time!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. Happy Birthday to Lukus!

    I love being on tropical beach when it’s winter here at home (couldn’t get out of my driveway yesterday),lol.

  14. Lurv it! I think the best part is the food of course. . .BIG Fire roaring, crawfish a boiling and smores of course. I loves me a cold beach.

  15. I like going to the beach in winter because you still get that sea air but with a lot less people. I think it’s kind of romantic!
    And ohhhh Doutzen….so beautiful!


  16. The beach in winter is, as you say, so tranquil. It’s usually just locals, and it’s foggy and rather cold but so fresh. Love it.

  17. I think it would be cool to go to the beach in the wintertime, though I’ve never gone at this time! I can imagine it would seem slightly like a ghost town, like when a carnival is shut down for the rest of the year, but all the rides and everything are still up waiting for opening season again.

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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