NoH Series: The LBD (Drinks)

Alright!  You made it!  Day 4 of the NoH Series: The LBD!

I am very much at home in this LBD version.  Don’t get me wrong, I have worn all of the looks in this series (and will continue to!), but I think this one is probably most true to my aesthetic.

This is what I would wear to grab drinks with friends, or for a fun dinner out with a group.  For me it carries a lot of visual interest and feels eclectic (not like I pulled all the pieces from a mannequin).

The sweater keeps it casual, the necklace makes a statement, the clutch keeps it classy and the shoes are for fun (and height—the heel is 6” and the platform is 2”!!!!!).

Want to achieve a similar location?  Here are my picks:

Where To Shop:
Tusk “Orissa Clutch” ($128),
Giuseppe Zanotti “Pony Print Bootie” ($562.99),
Wyatt “Cashmere Ribbed Cardigan” ($211.99),
Bliss Lau “Element Necklace” ($312),
Alexander McQueen “Squeeze It Metal-Effect Leather Clutch” ($497.50),
Kookai “Short Sleeved Cardigan” ($89.53),
Shoemint “Pauline” ($79.98), (These are the shoes I am wearing!)
Hive & Honey “Multibar Necklace” ($38),

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  1. That is a really cute overcoat. Now that I’m in LA, I need more layered skirts and clothes. I’m in a shopping mood 😉

  2. That cardigan looks so comfy, love it! Great outfit.

  3. I like this look the best so far Alexis, and of course it’s your personal look!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. The shoes and the color of the shoes are AMAZING! They’re so exquisite that they don’t even look like Steve Madden shoes.

    Take care.

  5. You look fabulous! – you should post your outfits more often, the shoes the necklace, so cool and so unexpected!

  6. Two words: ah-mazing!

  7. I see you rocking the shoes from ShoeMint. So sad I missed out on those. The shoes definitely make it!

  8. Aww, love this one. It’s very eclectic, which is always fun and inspiring. Also, those shoes, oh my gosh! I’m obsessed.

  9. I love it! I so envy you for being able wear those shoes. They are adorable….I wouldn’t be able walk to far in those. Love the complete look….the sweater….the necklace…..all of it.

  10. Wait hold on!! Can we discuss that necklace? it’s AHmazing!! Obsessed…we need a closer look in a future post.

  11. wowza. the heels!!??!!!

  12. I love your style!! Cool heels & so easy to style!! Thank you for sharing! :)

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