NoH Series: The LBD (The Basics)

It is time for a NoH SeriesWhat’s a NoH Series?   Well, it is set of posts that address a topic.

Needless to say, this week is going to be new and exciting!  Are you feeling new and exciting?

Let’s get down to business— This week’s NoH Series: The LBD

Ahhh, the LBD.  That beloved Little Black Dress.  It is a universally agreed upon clothing article that almost every woman has in her closet.

If we are being honest, I have 9 LBDs in my closet right now.  NINE.  And I love them.  I have one for basically any occasion.  But, for some people (non NYers, non-Goths, etc.) this may be a bit excessive.

So this week I am going to take one very basic LBD and show you 4 ways to wear it!  From work wear, to casual, to drinks with friends to date night…

There I go, getting ahead of myself!  Today is about that basic black dress.

So, there it is…. Basic.  Really the dress on its own doesn’t provoke much of a reaction.  The key will be how it is styled in the next few posts…

But again, let’s stay on task!

Let’s talk about what makes this dress a good option:
-The in-between sleeve length (from this length to ¾ length sleeves)
-The jersey material (body conscious, but not to extreme)
-The above-the-knee-length (Not necessarily as short as mine…)

Here is a similar option:

ASOS 3/4 Sleeve Body-Conscious Dress ($44.76)

PS- You can also expect to see the black opaque tights in each look.  Three reasons: 1) I wanted something as basic as the lbd 2) It was COLD outside 3) I had a nasty gash of my shin that would have scared most people off…

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  1. I love it! You are soo gorgeous, and this is the perfect LBD staple :-)

  2. I have 2 LBD myself. I only acquired them about 2 years ago when I ran across the LBD discussion. Although, once I started looking, I found it very hard to find the right LBD dress for me. I am happy with my choices.

  3. You are so cute! Love the LBD! I need a preggers version. : )

  4. Love that lbd on you, you look so pretty! I am more about the lbt these days (little black tee) for every day, and save the lbd for fancy occasions, but i think you can never have too many lbds!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! I love the photos and there is nothing like an LBD. They are so timeless and never go out of style. I have several in my closet too!

  6. You look beautiful :) Great LBD! I must admit I get bored with mine at times, but since there are so many fun ways to style it, it is always a go to in my closet 😉


    Ps- Thanks for your lovely comment… I am now following you on Bloglovin and FB if you would like to do the same? Much <3

  7. You look great Alexis. i love LBD’s.

  8. I love it! You look fabulous! I could take you to a party or take you serious in this dress! I have at least 4 LBD’s in my closet and one for sale on my site. So I kinda go nuts buying the LBD too. Love that YOU are front and center on here. Way to go!

  9. i can’t wait to see how you style it! that’s going to be so much fun. =) such a great idea.

  10. I love my lbds? I have a few and they’re all so versatile.

  11. Alexis, you are the cutest little thing, you know?

    I have a confession to make…right now I don’t have LBD in my closet….almost a year ago I was updating my closet and donated my LBDs and till this day I haven’t replaced them…..cause I am still waiting for those last 20 pounds to drop…sad, I know.

  12. I love that you are wearing black from head to toe. Although it’s simple, its also kind of bold in a way and makes you stand out.

  13. can you believe that i dont have a little black dress?? i sooo need it!

  14. Can you believe I don’t own a LBD yet? I suppose I need one now.

  15. It’s so lovely to see you doing style posts. I love your LBD, and feel that you really cannot have enough… I have many as well. Great new series, Alexis looking forward to viewing more! -xx

  16. You are SOOO gorgeous! Love your LBD. As for me…I don’t own one right now! But I’m going to get one soon… there is one I have my eye on.

  17. You are so adorable! I love a LBD. I love a little black piece of clothing anything! Look forward to see how to style it!

  18. This was always my easy go-to when I worked in the salon. I’ve added a little color since then, but can’t help but love the elegant simplicity of al black.

  19. I love this series!! Even if I am incredibly late to it. It’s so fun to see your pretty face and get more of a look at your awesome style; and the prospect of doing a series to spotlight styling is a brilliant idea, so original. Off to check out the other posts!

  20. Love both dresses? Again, very pinnable.

  21. You are a doll!

  22. You never fail to make me laugh, and you look lovely!

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