Pugnacious Pastels

There is a war I have been waging for a while now.  I spoke about it during the holidays while everyone was yelling about fully saturated colors and jewel tones.  And I am going to continue it now.  It is the battle for pastels.  

Yep.  Bring on the ice blues and the soft pinks.  Don’t let those bigger & bolder colors hold you down!  Let your voice be heard!

This maxi skirt has quickly become a favorite of mine. The material is sheer and light (making it perfect for this weeks 80*F+ weather) and the print is a watercolor of rosy pink, soft robin’s egg blue, white and grey.  The pastels don’t feel juvenile (despite the baby association), but quietly pretty.


Are you wearing pastels this January?



PS– Totally took these photos on my cell phone— and I am not apologizing.  :)


  1. oo I love your maxi – and I am all for pastels winning! :-)

  2. I’m not wearing pastel in January… when I was young, my mom told me to never wear pastel during winter because of the snow… not too sure why but anyways, I always listen to my mom!

  3. I’ve never been a fan of pastels…but recently, man they are blowing my mind! Suddenly I’m craving sherbet hues! LOVE the skirt and it looks fabulous with the gray top!

  4. Keep fighting the good fight, Alexis! I have to admit though, I’m a total jewel tones sort of girl. Pastels just don’t grab me as much as the rich colors do.

  5. I’m all over pastels…I continue to be obsessed with mint!

  6. I am not much of a pastel wearer during cold Canadian winter….maybe if I did I would feel warmer right now.

  7. Like Ada I’m a jewel tone sort of girl. I’m very fond of saturated shades of all sorts, which is probably why I have no spring clothes. I try very hard to embrace pastels but other than blush, which i really like, pastels don’t look “right” on me somehow. They look gorgeous on you though!

  8. You are too cute! I love the skirt though. Fun, fashionable and freeing! =)

  9. No pastels for me yet; maybe when the low up here in Louisville is 50 F again. In May. During Derby. As a hat. Yes.

    But you keep fighting that pastel fight, Alexis! Rock ’em all like a hurricane! 😀

  10. Dude, I love these photos! Don’t you dare even think about apologizing. You look freakin’ awesome. I think I need to stock up on pastels now!

  11. Love these. I say wear whatever you want, whenever you want 😉

  12. hoping you will come over from the dark side soon! the thing about brights is it doesn’t have to be all over — the big buzz is really over neutrals with just a pop of color. see you on the other side :)

    xo mary jo

  13. I love the fit of the top!

  14. It’s such a pretty skirt.

  15. Ok, first of all, I’m really jealous you are having 80+ weather. Here up north it’s snowing and raining. I don’t think I will be wearing pastels yet, it just doesn’t seem right unless there’s at least a liiiitle bit of sun. But I don’t blame you for wearing them! 😉

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