Reader’s Question: Red Denim

It has been a bit since I wrote a fashion post.  Please, please forgive me.  I am still vacationing so it is easy to get distracted…

But I am focused today and have an answer to a reader’s question from a couple weeks back.

The question: How To Style Red Jeans?

And while (admittedly) I tend toward a softer palette, I jumped at the chance to play with red denim.

It was important for me to show both a day and an evening look, because I really believe that red denim has the versatility to support it!


Where To Shop:
Magid “Straw Dip Beach Tote” ($36.50),
House Of Harlow 1960 “Kail Flats” ($195),
Marc By Marc Jacobs “Stick Skinny Jeans” ($158),
Equipment “Daddy Tie Front Striped Blouse” ($194.60),
Miguel Ases “Cherry and Swarovski Dangle Earrings” ($340),



Where To Shop:
ASOS “Leather Envelope Clutch” ($53.72),
Pelle Moda “Fairly Platform Sandal” ($140.15),
Joe’s Jeans “The Skinny Jeans” ($158),
Tibi “Tuxedo Top” ($242),
Leighelena “Exotic Skin Python and Red and Copper Wide Cuff” ($129),

Like these looks?  Want more red denim bliss?  Check out this recent post by Heather over at The Style Confessions who shared her version of the trend!


Do you/ would you wear red denim?


  1. adore red jeans, and you have picked out the perfect options :-) now I just want to see you rocking these 2 gorgeous looks!

  2. I’m loving colored denim.

  3. Thanks for the link to my site! I love my red denim jeans. They’re actually very versatile and easy to wear. They’ve been such a successful addition to my wardrobe that I’m thinking about adding more colors, maybe even some pastels! I would love a pair of jeans in a pretty blush color…

  4. Happymother says:

    Absolutely! It looks young and fresh!!!

  5. What!? Am I seeing color at NOH? Just kidding! I love how you put together these looks, I would never think of a heel with a red jean but then again I’m too tall for that. I have a super bright red Minnie J Crew pair that I wear toned down with a RL sweater and it’s one of my fav looks. Hope you are having a great vacation Alexis.

    p.s. I know that whole pop of color phrase is a bit tired, but since Brad G. seems to have resuscitated it, I went along with it.

    xo Mary Jo

  6. I’ve seen red demin but I have to say it only looks good in skinny jeans.

  7. I don’t know that I could do red. I have to be careful with reds because they clash with my hair. It would have to be a more warm, earthy red. However, I’d totally rock some red jeans if the shade was right. I love the options you’ve shared here. Perfect.

  8. I love that top in the first set you did. Would work perfectly with the red denim jeans.

  9. Do I? No. Would I? Only if they have a mid-rise cut in short-leg size!

  10. I have my cobalt skinnies…Now I need some red ones! LOVE those earrings!

  11. I ordered a pair from Ideeli over the summer that didn’t fit & haven’t gotten any sense. Hopefully I can find some maternity ones because I love the colored denim look!

  12. Thank you thank you! I really liked your selections, especially the night look. It’s so true you can dress them for either time of day. :) These all go with my style and now I have some places to look for expanding my wardrobe. Nice to get out of my own ideas.

  13. These are great looks. I love how fun the daytime look is.

  14. Yes I do! I bought one pair from zara last summer and I like to style them as in outfit n. 2!

  15. Love the red jeans! I really want a pair of red leather (fake) pants.

  16. I love your style of the red jeans, with either the top or accessories having the red in them as an accent color to connect with the jeans.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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