Spring Beauty Campaigns

I get it.  It is January.  I have no right to speak about spring.  No right at all.

But here’s the thing—
Long before the weather or my wardrobe starts turning to spring, my makeup does.

There’s just something about a fresh face that turns the gloomy days around…

Don’t believe me?  Here are three of the 2012 Spring Beauty Campaigns that may be more persuasive:

(Dior Beauty)

Do you embrace spring makeup?  What do you think of the ads?


  1. I like the Chanel campaign. Very fresh, very natural make-up. My make-up doesn’t change too much from one season to another: mascara, foundation only when absolutely necessary, blush (bronze shade in the summer, rose-y in winter) and lipstick-either a soft shade or red every now and then.

  2. The ads make me wish it was Spring! I completely understand, I am wearing a springy outfit today and makeup and feel so relaxed!

  3. Each one is more gorgeous than the next! Time to bring in some lighter colors for spring! hope you have a wonderful weekend Alexis and hoping we can plan a lunch or coffee get together next week.

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Scary, but I’ve never thought of make-up being seasonal really. I should though. You are on it, like spon it. I have this rhyming problem today, don’t worry about it. So. . . . .hmmm should I be buying some lighter shades to brighten and lighten my face for spring? Sounds like fun.

  5. i am loving the chanel one! very sexy!

  6. The ads are beautiful, I would expect nothing less from a cosmetic company, but I don’t exactly embrace spring makeup. I have a go-to with makeup, every day it’s pretty much the same thing: concealer, black eyeliner, black mascara, dark grey eyeshadow, or, if I’m feeling really quirky or if I’m wearing a bright color, I have a palette of 88 eyeshadows to choose from. I don’t really do much with makeup and honestly, I didn’t even know how to apply it until I met my partner. Nothing like having a man teach you how to put on makeup! But that’s what I get since I was raised by a single father who had no idea how a hair tie worked, never mind how to put on makeup.

  7. I love looking thru the magazines each season to see the up an coming trends. I love the Spring Beauty Campaigns photos. All very diverse. I wish I could pull off the Dior look but I am more of Jill Stuart or Chanel look when it comes to make up.

  8. Loving that purple in Dior. The fresh face is gorgeous, I only know one way to make-up (learned ten years ago in London) and must have a back up.

  9. Ooh. I like the last picture…. that is the direction I’d love to go with makeup.

  10. Love that last one, so romantic :)

  11. I LOVE the Chanel campaign – so girly and springy! (I secretly would love a little pixie ‘do like that too)

  12. Gorgeous ads!! Love this blog!

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